No more smudges

It’s impossible to look chic and soignée when your chic black dress or navy suit is covered with mysterious smudges. No matter how careful you are, somehow nasty white gray or white marks can appear on dark clothes from deodorant or other things, even when you take them freshly-cleaned, out of your closet or drawers. It is maddening! And if you are sloppy with your garments, shame on you darlings – it probably happens to you frequently.
Miss Oops Rescue Sponges are the simplest solution I have tried to remove mysterious marks. You can order a neat little twin-pack of dry sponges to gently remove bothersome smudges from your garments without wetting them. They take off marks from many things without damaging them. I would not count on them for serious stains. Rush stains such as oil or ink to good dry cleaner ASAP! Miss Oops Rescue sponges are a fashionista’s lifesaver. A two-pack costs just $10.