La vida Lola

If you are looking for a page-turning mystery, pick up a copy of Hasta La Vista Lola by Misa Ramirez. It’s the second in the series living The Vida Lola. I didn’t put it down. It’s snappy, fast-paced murder starring Lola, a lovely Latina who is studying to be a private investigator. To make ends meet she lives in an apartment over her parents home and works in the family restaurant.

The tale take takes off when a strange girl turns up dead carrying Lola’s identification. Lola’s family, hearing a news report about the dead woman, think Lola has been killed on one of her investigations. A mystery of stolen identity needs to be unraveled by Lola and her associates. Lola juggles clues and beaus. A perfect weekend read. I am already looking for another Vida Lola mystery!