How to pack for summer get away

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With baggage restrictions and the demands of an active holiday or a destination wedding, packing can be a nightmare. Muse Apparel CEO Camille Pesaro is a fashion expert. She knows all the tricks for packing for a summer getaway. Here are her tips to avoid an over-packed bag, but still have all the looks you want:
Keep it Wrinkle-Free
Without an iron on-hand or a steamer at your disposal, it is important to keep in mind that your clothes and dresses will be packed to the rim and tossed while in transit. Choose dresses that are made of cotton, nylon, or other manmade fabric to ensure the least amount of wrinkles when packing.
Layering is Key
When traveling to a destination where the weather can fluctuate, pack light, breezy summer pieces that can easily be covered-up with a neutral sweater or jacket – an item that can be worn with multiple outfits. Lighter fabrics are easier to pack and take up less space, leaving more room for bathing suits, shoes, and accessories!
Versatility is Your Friend
To try and conserve room in your suitcase, choosing dresses that can be used for different occasions is essential. For instance, an easy breezy printed Maxi dress is the perfect choice. Whether looking to cover-up your bathing suit on the beach, or adding a belt and accessories for a romantic dinner, choosing a dress that can be worn several different ways.
DolceDolce tips:
Metallic sandals go with everything: A light, feminine sandal in gold, silver, or bronze is a great way or dress up any outfit. Choose a shoe that is flattering but comfy so you can dance!
Pack a pretty cosmetic bag: Pack your cosmetics in a metallic or sequined clutch, if you don’t want to pack a separate evening bag. A big day tote looks and feels wrong at night. The cosmetic bag can double as evening bag. Leave valuables in your hotel safe, carry a photocopy of your passport, and bring along only the cash you need for Silver Metallic Leather Wristlet Cosmetic Case from under $50a night out.
Minnie Rose Cashmere Fringe Shawl in Satchel, $308.00