“The cheeses of France”


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A cheese board is an easy and elegant solution for holiday entertaining. A beautifully presented selection of cheese with fresh bread, water biscuits, and fruit can be starting point for a casual cocktail party.   Gracey with a Mimolette cheese.

After a large meal during the holidays, I often serve a selection of creamy cheese with clementines and fresh homemade almond cookies or cake. The combination is very popular and easy to prepare in advance.       

Recently, I was visited by representatives from the “Cheeses of Europe” to conduct a tasting of the cheeses of France.  We sampled cheeses from the dairy products firm Lactalis and from Isigny Sainte-Mere, a farmers’ cooperative in Normandie. The delightful bries included L’Indulgent, Le Chatelain, and Bonhomme de Normandie, and we tried a great hard cheese called Mimolette, which was aged for three different periods of time.Chesse 2

 Julien Lapraz and Benoit de Vitton

 There was a bonus as well: an addictive fresh Normandie-churned butter, Beurre d’Isigny, with sea salt! 

You can get a taste of our degustation by watching our DolceDolce video right here on YouTube. Just click on this link: 


And find out more here: www.thecheesesofeurope.com