“The secret to fabulous skin.”

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How many times have you read that line? As a beauty editor I have written it countless times over the years. And yet the basics remain the same: Cleanse with a gentle water-soluble cleanser; Don’t cheat on sun protection; And, find a really good doctor. 

Sleeping with a dirty face will age your skin!

Cleaning your skin also hydrates it if your wash with water. Gentle but through cleansing also prepares your skin to receive any other products. Popular Asian skin care regimes use a two-step cleaning process which many experts say is part of their success in producing such superb results.

I like to clean my skin with a water-soluble cleanser and clean white cotton washcloths that are used only once and then washed. Most experts agree water-based cleansers are the best.

Regular gentle exfoliation keeps skin fresh and youthful. Gentle exfoliation helps prevent breakouts and can help to regenerate collagen for firmer skin. If you have very dry skin or very hard water, you may want to try one of the trendy new “Micellar Waters” that are so popular now. These are very big with models who travel and also have to remove their makeup many times a day during fashion season. These fancy cleansing waters contain “micelles,” or molecuAveneMicellarLotionles, gently lift off dirt, grime, and makeup. They also moisturize. These products are also great for travel.  At home you can also consider getting a water filter for your home shower and sink.

Three to try:

Bioderma Senisibo  H2O

Avene`Micellar Lotion Cleansing and Make-up Remover

Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution 

This may all sound very basic but many women still get it wrong. They skip morning cleansing which leaves skin dehydrated and covered dead skin cells.  Washing helps to exfoliate skin and lets products penetrate to work effectively. Going to bed with a dirty face is even worse – it speeds up the aging process. This is bad even if you wear no makeup. Another common skin care mistake is to rely on cleansing wipes or to try to wipe the cleansers off.  Rinse your face thoroughly it needs to be clean and hydrated.


Cleansers do not have to be expensive. As one famous doctor once told me, it spends only moments on your skin. Many drugstore brands are every bit as good as pricey brands. The key is to be thorough and cleanse regularly.


This is so boring I hate to say it but sunscreen is still the best and most effective anti-aging cream we have.  The regular application of a UVA-UVB SPF 30 or higher depending on your skin type with anti-oxidants is the most effective way to keep skin youthful and healthy. I prefer a mineral sunscreen that contains micronized Zinc oxide and tritium dioxide for may face. Use whatever you like, and be sure to reapply it often when you are outside.  Don’t cheat; your skin will know if you do. Excess sun exposure ages your skin and can cause lines, wrinkles, sagging, and spots.


Find a good doctor who understands your skin.  A good skin doctor can do things to make you look fabulous that no lotion or cream will ever be able to do. And in the end you spend a lot less money. And I am not talking about surgery, although I have nothing against it if that is what you want.

These days there are so many ways the right doctor can fine-tune your skin it will make your head spin. And if you are thinking that you don’t want Botox or any other injections, fine. They have lasers and other options that can make you look “fresh and fabulous.” And a good doctor can also ensure that your skin is healthy. To find the right doctor ask friends, strangers, everyone. (Seriously, moving to a new city I found one of the best hair stylists I ever had by asking a stranger with a fabulous haircut who did her hair.)

Also realize it is a matter of trial and error. Keep looking until you get the fit just right. You will know the right person when you find them and it will be worth it. I think it is worth mentioning that in my experience, the best doctors have a light touch. They do less more often. They inject small amounts more places. They do lighter peels more often. They can be exceptions and you need to find out why you are offered a certain type of treatment.

Some women don’t need to work at having fabulous skin or maybe they just seem not to —

Follow these simple steps and soon you too will have fabulous skin.