Beauty in a kit

Will it give you skin like Cindy Crawford'sHave you ever wondered about the beauty kits that you’ve seen hawked on TV infomercials? We have.  So we were happy to try Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford.  She created the line with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, the French cosmetic surgeon to the rich and famous. 
According to their pitch, Meaningful Beauty is a “skin age-maintenance system”.  The heart of the system is a first generation anti-oxidant complex that includes a patented melon extract. This is the same ingredient that is in Dr. Sebagh’s very posh and poular anti-aging cream sold under the brand name Dr. Sebagh.  The formulas also contain Coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, and minerals.  They claim to work in just four weeks to reverse and diminish the signs of aging.  “Your skin will recapture its youthful glow. Pores will appear smaller. Your skin will immediately feel smoother and softer to the touch”, reads the pamphlet.  Fabulous!  But is it too good to be true?
Not necessarily. It depends on you and your skin.  For about $36 a month, you can buy a complete skin care line: cleanser, mask, décolleté cream, eye cream, and day and night creams. Darlings, that is not pensive for such a regime.  But after the first shipment the company wants to ship you a three-month supply quarterly for $90 plus about $9 for shipping.  That is roughly $100 for skin care four times a year. Considering that you can easily pay $30 for a single good drug store product these days, that is not too pricey.  
But money is not the only issue when choosing skin care.  How good are the Meaningful Beauty Products?  I like them, but I cannot recommend them for older women with dry skin.  Billed as an anti-aging range, I say it is a very preventative approach.  I would recommend this line to younger women in their 20s and 30s with normal to combination skin. Women in their 40s who have no heavy lines or wrinkles with normal to oily skin may also like it. The night and day creams with the special melon extract are lovely to use.  They’re so lovely, I found myself coveting Dr. Sebagh’s pricier cream.
The eye cream is also a stand out. It depuffs eye bags and minimizes fine lines.
Women on the infomercial rave about the glowing serum and it is nice, but my favourite is the night cream with the melon extract.  My mantra with this line is more melon!  I love the melon extract products.
No one needs heavy or greasy creams to fight aging, but lines and wrinkles do need a more aggressive approach. Also, women with dry skin, particularly those who live in harsh climates, may not find this line rich enough.
Those who seek perfection know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all beauty. Meaningful Beauty may be for you, if you are still in the preventive stages of anti-aging and like the idea of simple, comprehensive, well-priced, anti-aging regime.
Will your skin look better in four weeks after using Meaningful Beauty?  Darlings, if up now you have used no beauty régime at all, I’d say most likely yes; this is a comprehensive line that provides good value for what it is.
Note, the kit is supposed to last for 30 days. If you use your products generously, never mind lavishly, you won’t make it. To make the products last the full term, apply them as directed.