Medieval mischief

As the weather turns colder, I relish the guilty pleasure of curling up with a good whodunit. It’s a treat that won’t put an ounce of fat on your hips, especially if you indulge after a day of running errands or after a brisk walk.

The fifth in a series of mysteries set in the Middle Ages, The Shroud of Dishonour: A Templar Knights Mystery by Maureen Ash will appeal to history buffs and fans of intricate British mysteries. The Templar Knights were a secret religious sect in the Middle Ages who fought in the Crusades. They were a military and monastic order. In this mystery Templar Sir Bascot de Marin has just retuned from being in prison. He is fatigued and anxious to return to the Crusades. A prostitute is discovered murdered in the Templar chapel. He must head the investigation. Sir Bascot de Marin must discover if one of the Templars has broken his vow of chastity, or if some other betrayal is afoot. The charm of Ash’s books is her ability to recreate the Middle Ages through vivid description, dialect, characters, and situations. The Templars became such a powerful force, they were eventually outlawed in both France and England. She paints a fascinating if idealized picture of this time in history. If you like historical mysteries, give this series a try. Don’t worry about reading them out of order, you can pick them up at any time.