Life can be stressful. Experts advise reducing stress, but few of them offer concrete suggestions as to how to do so. Mediation can reduce stress, help you sleep, lower your blood pressure, and even help alleviate mild depression and anxiety. According to an article in Psychology Today, it can change the way your brain functions, and even help you feel calmer and happier in stressful situations.

Rochelle Balin’s instructional DVD, The Golden Answer is a simple way to activate the benefits of mediation if you have never tried it, or need a refresher.
In addition to her breath-based instruction, the video includes digital downloads to improve sleep, as well as two-minute long guided meditations she calls “breathe breaks” for mobile devices.
I like this DVD even though it is very simply produced. Balin makes meditation easy and accessible. Her voice is soothing and her approach is straightforward. Mediation can be elusive. Some people find it hard to sit, relax, and focus, but Balin provides a good focal point and upbeat philosophy.
You can preview her techniques by trying one of her free breathe breaks