Beauty 911 from Oprah’s own stylist

Andre Walker Oprah's own hair guruIf your hair has been used and abused in the name of beauty, do not miss a word of this interview with Andre Walker, Oprah’s personal hair stylist. His slogan is "make peace with your hair." Andre Walker can help you make the most of your own unique beauty.
Andre’s line of hair care products pampers and revives all types of hair. We love his Andre Walker Q Quench Essential Oil. It has a light scent and leaves hair shiny and soft.
DD: You encourage women to work with the natural texture of their hair, but we all like to change our look sometimes. Is there a less damaging way to handle straightened and colour processed hair?
I know we love, love, love to straighten and color, but really the healthiest way to care for your hair is not to alter its natural texture. If you simply must, then choose the most gentle and highest quality products available, and limit frequency as much as possible.
If you have straightened or color processed hair, the best way to handle it is to use a high quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner every time you wash. Also, resist using heated styling tools more than once a week. I know that is a tall order, but the difference in you hair's health will be clearly visible. Lastly, if you are coloring your hair because it is gray, try using a color product that doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide. Semi-permanent colors coat the hair and last four to six weeks. This type of color works best on gray hair or hair you want to darken because it doesn’t lift hair color, it only coats.
DD: Can you explain the difference between keratin treatments that help hair and those that can harm hair?
The term Keratin Treatment causes a lot of confusion. Some think it’s a straightener and some think it’s a relaxer. Both are correct. Keratin straightening is a process where the protein Keratin and other chemicals are used with heat to coat each strand and temporarily reform hair texture to straight. However, this process can be damaging because of the various chemicals used with the keratin.
Used in a shampoo or conditioner, which my products include, keratin puts back the protein that is depleted from hair strands. Our hair is made of keratin protein, so it is great to give the hair back what is has lost.
DD: How do you use your Andre Walker Q Quench Essential Oil? Is it good for all hair types?
My Q Oil is great, great, and great for all hair types because it is formulated to be absorbed directly into the hair, as opposed to sitting on top of the hair. Besides its nutritional benefits, (it is like giving your thirsty hair a health drink) and the fact that it locks in moisture, Q Oil adds instant shine and doesn’t weigh your hair down.
I use it on damp, curly hair to control frizz. In addition, before blow-drying any type of hair (even fine, straight hair), apply a small amount to increase manageability. On all types of dry hair, use Q Oil to add luster. Used in small amounts, it even adds texture to fine hair! You can probably tell that my own Q Oil is one of my absolute favorite styling tools!
DD: What are the worse things women (their stylists) do to their hair?
One of the worst things you can do is to over-process your hair by coloring and relaxing too often. And for coarse hair, please don't combine the two unless your relaxer is a keratin straightener.
And, as I said above, and never stop saying — heat and hair are not friends. Limit the amount of heat you put on your hair and you will have healthier hair.
DD: Can you please share a few "celebrity" hair secrets with our readers for when they too want to look fabulous?
Celebrity stylists love using hair pieces, extensions and wigs to quickly create exciting new looks for special occasions, photo shoots, and appearances. I am sure you have noticed that almost every celebrity these days changes her look from one day to the next — short to long, curly to super straight, one color to another.
I really enjoy planning each magazine cover shoot for Oprah, and deciding whether to work with just her own hair, which is great, or to introduce more hair for even more glamour!
So have some fun yourself by experimenting with inexpensive hair additions, even if it is only a fun ponytail, or clip-on extensions. When you've found some looks, colors, and textures you like, you can decide whether to invest in a higher quality version of that look. Just be sure the look you create is believable! Start experimenting now in your spare moments, and the next time a special occasion calls for a daring new you, you'll be ready for your close-up!