Clothes make the man — or woman

Mark SalgadoIn this economy value is more important than ever, but as Mark Twain said, “clothes make the man – or woman. Naked people have little or no influence on society”.

A bespoke or made-to-measure suit is an investment, but it can be – if you can afford it — a good investment. We went to top Toronto tailor, Mark Salgado to find out all you need to know about buying a bespoke suit and caring for your own fine garments.
DD: For our readers who do not reside in Toronto, how can one find a good tailor? What should we look for or ask?
MS: I recommend that they go and speak to friends who wear custom made and get a referral, or interview tailors — ask questions and get a feeling for the type of work they do.
Ask how long have they been in business, who makes the suits, how are the suits cut, how many fittings etc. Ask a lot of questions until you feel comfortable with the tailor you choose.
DD: How does the process of having a woman’s tailored suit made differ from that of having a man’s suit tailored?
MS: The process is the same, the construction is softer.
DD: Can a good suit be altered if a person gains a bit of weight?
MS: Yes, because a tailored suit is made with seam allowance.
DD: What distinguishes a bespoke suit from a “designer suit or department store suit”?
MS: FIT! Bespoke is all about the fit.   It’s the person wearing the suit who is important with bespoke, not the label inside the jacket!!
Other good tips on looking natty:
Store suits safely. Keep them out of the sun in a wrinkle, dirt- and moth-free environment.  Fabric-eating moths can be prevented by using cedar blocks, hangers and closets.
Keep them in shape. Suits should be hung on formed hangers in closets that provide enough room for the suit to hang without touching other clothing.
Keep dry-cleaning to a minimum. Dry-cleaning is necessary to keep suits clean, but shouldn’t be done too often. Over dry-cleaning can damage a suit and cause it to fade and tear over time. Use a custom cleaner whenever you must dry-clean your suit.
Switch it up. It is best to build up a wardrobe of more than five suits. This will allow your suits to rest and still give you one suit for each weekday. Rotating suits will make them last longer and give you more variety.
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