Mad about Mad Men

Mad Men's  Christina HendricksIf you love retro, you must be a fan of the show Mad Men and its stunning star, Christina Hendricks. Now you can reproduce her hairstyle at home.
Mad Men Hair Department Head Stylist Terrie V. Owen reveals her on-set hair how-to for achieving Christina Hendricks' signature "Joan" style.
Terrie's Recipe for Joan Harris Hair:
You will need:
A curling iron or you can set your hair in large sized hot rollers
A teasing comb
A natural bristle hairbrush, such as a Mason Pearson
Bobby pins
Setting spray, such as White Sands Liquid Texture Thermal Styling Spray
This style is best for long hair, at least shoulder length or longer.
I like to set the hair with my favorite White Sands Liquid Texture Thermal Styling, and then with a 1-inch large barrel curling iron, to curl entire the head. Clip each curl and let the hair cool off before you style.
Once the hair has cooled off, brush out with your natural bristle brush. I like my Mason Pearson.
Section hair into two sections ear to ear, so you have a front section and a back section. Then make a third section: a ponytail piece in the mid, crown section of the head, and secure it with elastic. That ponytail will be your volume and height at the top of the head. Clip this hair out of the way.
Starting at the back, nape of head, tease the hair with a comb and then sweep up all the hair with a brush and pin with bobby pins. Pin the section all the way up to the ponytail, so you have an upswept look.
Then move to the front sections, start on one side, tease the section of hair and smooth with your brush then pin each side up just as you did in the back until all hair is pinned up all around the head. If you have bangs, you can spray and smooth them off to a side and secure with a pin. Otherwise, you can create a side sweep with your longer hair and pin.
Then release your ponytail, tease it with your comb, smooth with your brush and arrange it in any shape you like, either tousled or controlled. Bobby-pin it into place, and set it with a good holding spray.
For a modern take on the style, I would eliminate the teasing and just finger through the hair, not brush it out and pin up section by section in a more tousled and loose way, instead of hairspray try a grooming crème on your fingertips for added texture, finish with hairspray and keep the side peek-a-boo bang.
DolceDolce Note:
White Sands Liquid Texture Thermal Styling Spray is one of our favourite products ever since our friend, Jessica McCafferty, introduced it to us a few years ago. It holds and shines like nothing else.