alp.jpgClick on top title to open Lydia’s Party by Margaret Hawkins is about choices and regrets.The women have taken different roads in life and Lydia and her party is what holds the group together. But none of the friends know that this is the last party Lydia will host.

As she readies her house and cooks her famous spicy chicken stew, Lydia wrestles with how to say goodbye to her friends. And as she looks for the words with which to bid her friends a final farewell, she begins to feel pangs of regret for all the things she didn’t do: the trips she didn’t take, her abandoned painting career and passions the she reined in.

Hawkins weaves a rich and spellbinding tale from the homey details of the friends’ lives as they prepare for the party.

Lydia’s Party is a cautionary tale about taking chances and following your passions before life slips away from you, but it is also an uplifting story of friendship and love.

Lydia’s Party was painful to read at times but it was impossible to put down. The characters are quirky, endearing, and relatable. But Lydia’s unrelenting examination of her own life forces the reader to reflect on their own choices and passions – and that is what makes this book a must-read.