Instantly whiter-looking teeth!

Have you ever looked at your smile and thought, ‘my teeth look a little dull or yellow?’ Now you can make them look instantly whiter. Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse give teeth an instant temporary whitening boost.  The whitening comes from  Luster NOW! Mouthrinsewhich creates an optical illusion by depositing a small amount of FD&C Blue 1 dye on your teeth to counter any yellow or grey. The process is similar to using laundry bluing to make white clothes look brighter. And it works!
I am a teeth whitening friend. I brush, floss, and bleach. I can easily get rid of stains, but having translucent teeth, it is hard to get them as white as I want. Luster NOW! is the closest I have come to getting the sparkling white look I want. The Bluerite is very effective and the dye is a harmless food-grade product.
Luster NOW! toothpaste also contains silica to remove stains. Luster NOW! Mouthrinse is alcohol free and contains dental peroxide. It is probably best to use whatever toothpaste your dentist recommends before bed, but for a sparkly white smile try Luster NOW!
Note: The Mouthrinse bottle has a very odd wide-mouth design and is prone to spilling. I would transfer the contents to a better bottle for travel.