Soft, Lush, and “green”

These are two of the simpler wraps at Lush

We love the way Lush is wrapping-up Mother’s Day in Japanese-inspired scarves. The Furoshiki-inspired technique or “Knot-Wrap” uses scarves, either made of recyclable materials or vintage fabrics. It’s environmentally friendly as well as attractive. These scarves can be used and reused in a variety of ways, and can be wrapped to carry products of all shapes and sizes. The wraps are 27×27 inches or 68.58 cm. There are two permanent patterns as well as limited-edition Mother’s Day scarves. There are employees trained in fancy Japanese origami-style wrapping at all Lush stores, so you can watch and learn, my Geishas.

Sweet Scrub

Soft sugar scrubsThe most divine moisturizers and precious oils in the world won’t help to soften your skin, if it isn’t free of dead cells, flakey scales.
Lush Sugar Scrub and Sugar Babe are delightful scent balls of sugar and essential oils you can sue to smooth away the dead stuff. Sugar Scrub is invigorating with fresh fennel oil, lavender oil, and ginger. Sugar Babe is little softer with extra virgin coconut oil, beeswax, the scent of mimosa absolute, and ylang ylang.
Both use Fair Trade sugar. They are an indulgent little treat at $4.95 a treatment –but the smell and feel so sweet!