Get a glow

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Winter can be hard on skin. Just when the party season starts and we need to sparkle, skin can begin to look pale, dull, and dry. It doesn’t have to be that way. A little extra TLC can have you glowing in no time. Here are a few of our favourite ways to keep skin bright and smooth all winter long.

A daily peel to give skin a glow

Exuviance Daily Antioxidant Peel CA10 is one of my own favourite ways to keep dull skin way. This 10 percent Citric Acid exfoliates and prepares skin for moisturizer absorption and smooth makeup application without downtime. It gives skin an instant glow and yet is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. The antioxidant power of Citric Acid neutralizes damaging free radicals brought on by daily environmental exposure to help prevent signs of aging. These pads pack a lot of power; first they give you a glow and then they keep on fighting the signs of aging. Tip: After you wipe your face bring the pad down your décolletage and across the backs of your hands! These two sites age as quickly as your face.

Banish breakouts without drying out skin

Breakouts always come at the worst time. Stress and a lack of sleep can bring on acne flares. Clear Clinic Labs prep & soothe is an adult way to deal with the problem. It is effective and gentle and even has a safe moisturizer to keep skin from getting irritated. Tip: Never apply heat to a pimple, instead use ice. Heat will burn your skin and make a mess. A pimple is an inflammation so use ice to calm the red down.

A weekly peel can make your skin leave skin looking poreless

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 uses a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Polyhydroxy Acids, to bring an instant glow to tired skin. It exfoliates surface layers of your skin as it stimulates the process of cell renewal to refine pore size, diminish the appearance of fine lines. and improve clarity.  It costs $75. From or ULTA. Tip: Wipe this peel over the back of hands and décolleté too. And be sure to keep track of the time. Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 is designed to be used twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, once a week may be enough.Revitaleyes.jpg

An eye cream that really gets rid of dark circles

Dark circles can be made worse because of fatigue, sinus problems, allergies, and even a genetic predisposition. Lumixyl Revitaleyes is the only eye cream formulated with Decapeptide-12, a powerful ingredient to treat discolouration. This light eye cream helps to smooth and tighten delicate eye tissues while treating dark circles. Tip: Apply concealer below the puffy part of the eye and blend carefully.

The beauty editor’s sun spot solution for  age and sun spots: elure Advanced Skin Brightening Lotion is the skin-brightening secret top beauty editors love. Elure gently yet quickly diminishes the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation with the natural mushroom-derived enzyme Melanozyme.  You can see results after just eight days. This is one of the most effective treatments we have seen for age and sun spots. And we also love that this treatment does not contain dangerous chemicals. Elure is gentle and effective.

A skin brightening cocktail

Dr. Few Beauty’s Weekly Mini-Peel Brightener Lite is a blend of phytic, lactic, and azaleic acids in an easy-to-use pad. The pads also contain green tea and other skin-pampering ingredients. Just wipe it over your face once a week for a “spa treatment” at home that will leave skin brighter and smoother. Tip: Don’t forget your décolleté and hands. This is an easy way to help even your skin tone and keep your skin smooth. I also love Dr. Few’s JF Aesthetic R.Nol Serum. It is one of the least irritating and most effective retinol and antioxidant serums I have tried. It feels like silk and yet is full of powerful ingredients. 60 pads cost $75 and the serum costs $99.

Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque is quick way to refresh you complexion. Don’t let the winter blahs take a toll on your skin. Fighting the cold as well as being deprived of sun and Vitamin D can add unwanted stress to your body and complexion. Stress compounded by lack of sleep can manifest as wrinkles, skin laxity, dryness, breakouts and more. This AHA/PHA peel-off masque helps fight multiple signs of aging. It also contains Gluconolactone to skin soft and helps to stimulate cell renewal, as well as Vitamins A, C, and E. It costs $42 and is available at or ULTA stores.

Tips to keep your glow all season long

Be sure to get a few good nights of sleep at week during party season.

Drink lots of water. Hydration is your friend.

Pack your lunch full of fresh fruit and vegetables so you can fit in a yoga class too.

Exercise every chance you get.

Be mindful about alcohol.

Always take off your makeup before bed.