Out damn spot!

Dark spots, sunspots, hyperpigmentation – call them what you will, but women hate them. They muddy otherwise clear skin and make women look older and more fatigued. 

Sun exposure, acne, and hormones are the worst offenders when it comes to causing annoying and hard-to-remove spots.  Costly laser sessions are not always the best treatment.  We prefer special creams with peptides or new enzyme creams designed to naturally lighten dark spots.

The enzyme in Luminaze is harvested from a mushroom that grows on trees high in the Swiss Alps.  According to the company, “it was noticed that the bark surrounding these mushrooms was decolourized. The same properties that were found by researchers to lighten the color of the bark resulted in the breakdown of melanin in the skin for a dramatic improvement in the appearance of dark spots from sun and aging.”
The enzyme in Luminaze targets melanin and breaks it down, but it doesn’t affect skin in any other way.  According to company, Luminaze is targeted and effective, but also gentle and safe. We agree; it feels great and it works quickly to fade stubborn spots. And unlike hydroquinone, it has no known harmful side effects.
This is one of the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation at any price we have seen.