Home hair colour revolution

Does your hair look this fried?Home hair colour has undergone the same revolution that is sweeping salons. New products are gentler, safer, and easier to use. Some can even improve your hair’s appearance. Choose wisely and you won’t have to worry about brassy roots, frizzy locks, or strangely-coloured curls.

Take advantage of home colour between salon appointments and keep your hair glossy, free of grey, and without tacky roots. And if you think all top stylists loathe “box colour” and the women who use it, think again. Salon colorist Marie Robinson was recently quoted in Marie Claire saying she encourages do it yourself  hair colour “to save money. I’ve told clients to get big changes at the salon and do subtle ones at home”. She’s not alone. Most stylists realize that women cannot not afford to stretch their budgets with at home touch-ups. They would rather advise their cherished regulars how to manage their hair on their own than have them mess it up or alienate them. If your stylist has attitude about you doing your own colour between appointments instead of offering tips, maybe you need a change.
If grey, lackluster, or thin fine hair is your issue, hair colour may be the boost you need to look fabulous. All colour lines, even the small organic ones, provide excellent advice lines. If you have never coloured your hair – or have never been satisfied with your results – I suggest you call one of them before you purchase your colour. They have experienced hair stylists who can give excellent guidance to neophytes.
L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss is a new temporary colour. L’Oreal says it will last through 28 shampoos. It is formulated without ammonia which causes most scalp irritations and allergies, as well as that hideous salon smell. The formula leaves hair glossy and shiny, and because there is no ammonia there is no damage to the hair. It will not lighten hair more than a half shade at the most, but there are lots of natural lovely shades. It is easy to apply. L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss has excellent reviews from women looking to cover grey and for extra shine and body.
When Clairol introduced Perfect 10 in 2007 it was a revolutionary hair colour. There is still nothing like it. It works in only 10 minutes and can lift hair three shades. Each shade of Perfect 10 actually contains three different shades of the same colour for more dimension and shine.
When creating Perfect 10, Clairol aimed to develop not only a faster hair colour, but a gentler one. According to a report in Wired Science, they did just that. The story quoted one Proctor and Gamble scientist saying “when you dye your hair, several things cause damage. First, you remove the outer surface of the hair, a coating of lipids (oils) that make the hair soft, smooth and water-resistant.
“Coloring also changes to the internal structure of the hair… Small, diffuse color molecules enter the hair, and while they’re inside, they oxidize and form a chemical reaction with a larger color molecule that’s already trapped in there. But the small molecules aren’t all that selective about who they get it on with, and they end up breaking some of the chemical bonds that hold hair together. That releases free radicals that make hair weaker and less able to resist things like aggressive brushing, blow-drying and ironing”.
According to the report, one scientist scanned than 50 molecules looking for one she could add to the hair color to mitigate free radical damage, and finally chose an amino acid called glycine. AminoGlycine works at lower pH and that makes it less damaging than regular ammonia, but it still lets the product effectively lighten the hair. The other key advancement in Perfect 10 is a molecule that gobbles up free radicals. Free radicals form when those chemical bonds are broken, causing damage to the hair’s structure. The scientists measured this by looking at water droplets sitting on the hair. In regular colored hair, the water seeped right in. Droplets rested on the surface of hair treated with the new method.
These are just two of just two of the simply beautiful and safe ways to colour your hair at home. Both Clairol and L’Oreal have fabulous websites that make choosing and applying hair colour at home a cinch. Even the new highlight kits look foolproof.
We are dying to try one.
Many women are unaware that hair colour can make thin hair look and seem fuller. Women with hair issues may also shy way from harsh chemicals. Women with allergies also avoid harsh chemicals. I have just switched to an ammonia-free organic salon. I will also be using one of the new, gentler products at home when I touch-up.
The Sano Tint line of hair colour from Switzerland is the gentlest and most nourishing line of organic home hair colour we have found. It’s gorgeous. Sano Tint does cover grey hair. The formula contains golden millet, olive, birch and grape seed as well as calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5) and biotin to nourish hair while it safely colours.
Reducing the amount of harsh chemicals also means a reduced risk of allergic reaction. Sano Tint does not contain ammonia and works with less than two percent peroxide, instead of the 10 to 12 percent other brands use. It also contains less than 0.4 percent PPD, a common hair dye chemical that causes a reaction in some women. The Sano Tint Light product actually eliminates PPD. This also means Sano Tint cannot lighten hair, but does produce a beautiful natural colour.
SanoTint, contact Lana Nickerson at (775)826-VIVA, or write to info@vivasanusa.com.
Darlings, you deserve to look fabulous at any age and on any budget – and you can. We have the technology. Don’t suffer, burn, or scorch and frizz your crowing glory.   Be a silver fox if it suits you. But roots, dullness, and frizz can make even 20-somethings look raddled. No darlings, be naturally beautiful whatever it takes, but do it gently and safety.