Perfect beach book

Love Lies Bleeding by Jess McConkey is a modern mystery that keeps you off balance until the end. 

Young, beautiful, and successful Samantha Moore is accosted by a street gang one night after work. The men terrorize her and crack her skull. The attack changes Sam’s life forever. After weeks in a coma she struggles to regain her strength, learn to walk again and deal with crippling nightmares.

As a result of her serious head injury, she can no longer trust her memory or her emotions. Her doctors and family insist she is having mood swings. Matters are further complicated by the drugs her fiancé, a controlling doctor, tries to force her take.
Her family and fiancé have taken Sam to isolated resort to recover. Sam regains her strength with help of a feisty therapist, yet she is "haunted "by strange dreams and unexplainable events.
Sam wonders if she is losing her mind — as her fiancé and parents seem to think – or if is there a new danger lurking around her.
As the story unfolds, Sam and her therapist Anne begin to trust each other as the strange “happenings” continue.
Love Lies Bleeding grabs you from the start with its frightening but realistic events.
McConkey conveys Sam’s combination of fear and frustration following the violent attack in a way that makes the character instantly relatable and interesting. She also weaves an intriguing mystery.
Love Lies Bleeding is a cut above the usual thriller-mystery with its complex characters and realistic threats. It’s a page turner!