Spicy family saga

Little Gale Gumbo by Erika Marks delightfully blends the magic of New Orleans with appeal of coastal New England. 

It tells the story of Camille, the innocent and beautiful daughter of a New Orleans voodoo priestess. Raised by her over protective mother in world of mysticism, Camille is easily swept off her feet by good-looking, smooth-talking musician.
In short order she has two daughters and an abusive hard-drinking husband who often lands in jail for drug dealing.
As her husband begins to direct his abuse at her older darker-skinned daughter, Camille flees north. The little family settles on Little Gale, a New England island whose residents live on fishing and the summer tourist trade. Camille and her daughters find a real home when they rent an apartment from single father Ben and his teenaged son, Matthew.
Little Gale Gumbo is a rich and beguiling tale of passion, unrequited love, secrets, and acceptance.
This saga of the Bergeron is as spicy as the gumbo Camille sells at her café and as sweet as her addictive pralines.
The author, Erika Marks, is a native New Englander who has lived in New Orleans. She has a pitch-perfect touch for the dialogue and cadence of both regions. This is a great book to read, to while away the time on cold winter evenings. You could even nibble a praline, if you are tempted to make one of the recipes in the back of the book.