The magic in the right dress!

Little Black Dress by Susan McBride is the tale of  a magical mystical romance that happens to a woman of middle-age.  

Antonia has built a thriving career as a wedding planner. She is past 40 and about to settle for a live-in relationship with her accountant boyfriend Greg, instead of the romantic wedding she had anticipated.
As Antonia is about to move in with Greg, she is called away to her recently-widowed mother’s bedside. Her mother Evie has had a stroke and is in coma. Antonia must take over the family winery and work with a man she always thought was her family’s enemy due to an old feud. 
As Antonia works to straighten out her mother’s affairs, she is forced to stay at her mother’s home. One night she needs a dinner dress. Out of desperation she tries on her mother’s old black silk dress. Despite their size difference, the dress mysteriously fits her. Antonia also finds a life that “fits” her as she works side by side with her former foe.
As Antonia works in the winery, she slowly unravels years of family secrets. The magic in the mysterious black silk dress shared by her mother, aunt, and finally herself allows her to see a future filled with love and happiness.
Little Black Dress is a modern fairytale filled with mystical happenings and hope. It will appeal to the romantics among us.