Must read for mystery fans

If you love a tautly-spun web of deceit and revenge, put A Dangerous Fiction by Barbara Rogan at the top of your summer reading list.
Jo Donovan has it all. Only thirty-five, she is bright, beautiful, and the successful owner of a prestigious literary agency. She is also the widow of a famous writer. She has come a long way from Appalachia, and a childhood with her abusive grandmother. 
As Jo settles down to run her agency and get on with her life as a widow, she suddenly finds herself under attack. She is accosted by a crazy writer who calls himself Sam Spade. He claims Jo is his muse. He demands she read his book.
Jo is also under siege by Teddy Pendragon, a biographer who wants her collaboration on the writing of her deceased husband’s biography.  Jo has made her way in life by moving forward and never looking back. But she is filled with dread at the idea of anyone dragging up and dissecting the past.
Jo’s staff and authors rally around to protect her from the annoying “Sam Spade.” But when one of the agency's bestselling authors is murdered, it all points to Jo. The lead detective on the case is Jo’s old boyfriend, which brings the past even closer.
 Loyal but quirky writers come to Jo’s aid. After the murder, she is aggravated by jealous literary agents who hope to cash in on her misery, and nosy journalists looking for a story. Rogan knows the publishing world well and uses it cleverly. 
The theme of the book is intriguing: secrets from the past coming back long after they have been forgotten. Jo is confronted with times she has conveniently forgotten. Rogan’s book takes you by surprise as she deftly reveals the publishing world, sprinkles around red herrings, and makes you question the secrets you may have forgotten from your own past.