Fly right

Lisa LentThese days when you travel, jet lag may bet the least of your problems. Delays and stress from tension, bad air, junk food and other factors can leave you exhausted and vulnerable to illness. Lisa Lent the founder of Oxylent foundthat out while based in London and flying internationally for work, she developed serious health problems. At age 29 while seeking help for her medical problems she concluded that lifestyle was a contributing factor to her health problems. “I learned that low oxygen, cabin pressure, dehydration and radiation can lead to many different types of issues. It was then that I began the search for the ultimate supplement that could provide me well-being amidst the unhealthy environment I had been living in. That’s why I developed Oxylent. 
“Oxylent is a powdered effervescent vitamin. It provides complete, synergistic, cellular nutrition in a highly absorbable form. A single effervescent packet of Oxylent dissolves quickly in water to provide a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that promote oxygenation, hydration, circulation and rejuvenation”.
As a “professional flyer” Lisa has developed these tips for traveling stress-free and avoiding jet lag:
·        Eat when you are hungry; eat healthy, clean food; pack quality protein and  bars to provide nutrients; pack a healthy lunch for the journey; bring your supplements.
·        Stay completely hydrated; no alcohol; go for the bottled water and add something that contains electrolytes that actually helps you assimilate the water instead of retaining it. Your body actually goes into a “reserve mode” so it needs this boost. When you arrive and you are tired, take a quick power nap or meditate at your destination to recover from the stress of traveling. Then go for a brisk walk and get air in your lungs.
·        Bring ear plugs and eye shades and carry a travel pillow to preserve your neck.
·        Take fish oil – it helps reduce the stickiness of blood platelets promoting circulation.
·        Take your IPod or MP3 and relax with music or meditation CDs.
·        Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
·        Wear loose-fitting clothing — comfortable, breathable, natural fibers — and you will sleep better on the plane.
·        Stretch by pumping your legs and walking around. This is good for circulation.
·        Brush your teeth and go to the bathroom – do your regular routine before bedtime.
·        Make your flight pleasant by holding a positive attitude and greeting your flight neighbors. Appreciate the gift of flight. Our mood and state of mind influence our bodies and our minds.
·        Experts say that it takes one day for every hour difference to truly recover from time zone changes. Honor your body, give it the space it needs to recover. Do special rejuvenating things for yourself such as have a nice bath, facial, massage, etc.
·        Best-kept secret: Bring a gift for the flight crew – i.e. box of chocolates – and they will give you special attention. It works!
OxylentI have tried Oxylent and find that its formula provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for well-being –especially when you are under stress. I travel with it and take it a first sign of exhaustion or illness. I also take it at home. It tastes terrific and has no nasty vitamin taste.
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 I would also add to Lisa’s list of tips:
·        Use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean your tray table, arm rests, touch screens, and air vent as soon as you are seated. This is vital; no one else will to do it. Just do it discreetly and quickly.
·        Pack you favorite travel pillow, soft wrap, travel socks, and moisturizer (in a small size).

·        These days you want to bring your own things so that you will have what you need and they will be clean. Get nice compact items and pack them neatly in Ziplocs to clear security easily.
Happy travels!