Meet the breakout star of The Real of Housewives of Miami

Lisa Hochstein of The Real Housewives of MiamiLisa Hochstein has proved she could hold her own in what has been described as the sexiest, spiciest group in the Bravo Housewife franchise. Lisa joined the revamped cast of The Real Housewives of Miami for its second season, and both she and the show were soon a hit with fans.
Lisa is married to a successful plastic surgeon and readily admits she leads a privileged life. Her knockout body, pretty face, and soft-spoken manner make some dismiss her as just a Barbie Doll or a Stepford wife. Lisa laughs off such remarks. She has won over fans with her common sense, wit, and compassion.
Trained as a dancer, Lisa is passionate about fitness and health. Fans enjoyed watching her coach her best friend and housekeeper Dayse lose weight and get into shape.
Lisa agreed to reflect on her first season as a "Housewife," as well as her beauty fashion tips, with DolceDolce readers.

DD: What has been the best thing about being on The Real Housewives of Miami? And what has been the most stressful?
LH: The best thing about being on RHOM was experiencing this new journey and meeting some very special people that I hope I remain friends with for a long time. The most stressful was the constant clash of personalities, the fighting and tension between the group.
DD: Who of your fellow cast-mates surprised you most and how?
LH: Lea surprised me most because I did not think I would ever like her based on my first impression. We were off to a bad start and our relationship since filming ended has grown into a friendship .She had gone out of her way to help me with a problem I had over the holidays, and she also opened her home to my husband and me for a beautiful Christmas dinner.
DD: What are your fashion must-haves for every day?
LH: My fashion must-haves are a fabulous statement handbag and a flattering pair of sunglasses every day. I believe you can wear almost anything and you will look pulled together with these two accessories.
DD: What is your favorite “red carpet look”?
LH: I loved my Pucci dress I wore for the premiere of RHOM. It was a beautiful teal green color and it matched my teal Louboutin shoes. Some would say that is a fashion faux pas, but I LOVE matching my accessories to my dress. He is my favorite designer at the moment for red carpet events.
DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine?
LH: My fitness routine isn't a big secret; the key is to make working out and eating right part of your lifestyle. I try to eat healthy home-cooked meals as much as possible so I can control the ingredients. I drink green cold-pressed juices, blended with leafy greens such as kale, spinach, celery and cucumber, and fruit, such as pears, apples, and lemons. I also add some spice, such as parsley, ginger, or salt to taste. I always load up on protein shakes and eats lots of chicken and fish to feed my muscles. I snack on Edamame with sea salt, hummus, and whole wheat pitas, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt and fruit, to name a few. I generally work out three to four times a week. I'll start with 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical trainer or bike and I alternate different muscle groups each workout. One day will be bis (biceps) and tris (triceps), the next shoulders and back muscles, and then legs and glutes. I train my abs and calves every workout session.
DD: What are your favorite beauty must-haves?
LH: I love Latisse. It really works; I always get compliments on my eyelashes. I currently love Skin Medicas TNS Essential Serum combined with Retin A cream. My skin is glowing!
DD: What is always in your handbag?
LH:The question is, “what ISN'T in my handbag?” (Smile) I carry oversized handbags during the day, and they're usually full. I will not leave my house without my wallet, iPhone, Chanel powder, Chanel lip gloss in Imaginaire, oil blot papers, Caudalie eau de beauté beauty elixir, sunglasses, a scarf, and an iPhone charger.
DD: Can you share three of your best fashion or beauty tips?
LH:Here are three of my best fashion tips and three of my beauty favorite beauty tips:
·Drink lots of water. It makes such a difference in the appearance of your skin. We often mistake thirst for hunger, so you will cut calories also!
·If getting a spray tan, remember to exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate! Nothing looks worse than a scaly, uneven, orange spray tan. I always soak myself in a bath for 20 minutes and then exfoliate, so the dead skin comes off easily.
·Use Vaseline at as a nighttime eye cream. It’s the most inexpensive and effective moisturizer you can use!
·Leave a conditioning treatment in your hair overnight. Your hair has more time to absorb all the needed moisture. You can even use olive oil.
·A great pair of heels will make any outfit look polished!
·If you love designer duds but don't want to pay retail prices, wait until end of May throughout June to, or end of December through January, when most things will be discounted by up to 40 percent.
·Make friends with your favorite designer's sales associates. This is usually the best way to be notified about pre-sales and to ensure you get dibs on your favorite pieces at affordable prices.
DD: What’s next for you?
LH: We are currently planning the design and construction of our new home on Star Island. I am having a blast putting my creative juices to work. It’s a pleasure to work together on this project with my husband. We are also still working on filling that home with lots of babies and will never give up. I am working on a few projects that I am very excited about but can’t speak about yet so stay tuned and check out my website.