Glossing to perfection

Lipfusion Infatuation by Fusion Beauty Lipfusion Infatuation by Fusion Beauty actually encourages your own lips to get plumper and helps perfect your pout. The secret is Amplifat, a concentrate from sea fern, that triggers two proteins found naturally in the body that encourage the diffusion and storage of fatty acids. Infatuation also contains a special compound to instantly plump and hydrate lips. 

Infatuation gives lips an instant sexy shine while it plumps and hydrates. It comes in six sexy shades from nude to several baby pink shades to make a skimpy pout perfect. 



Gloss is boss

In the deep heat of summer there is nothing sexier a woman who can wear than a big pair of shades and hot gloss. The look is timeless, classy, and drop-dead gorgeous. Gloss makes a woman’s lips look lush and ripe, and yet somehow refined. Needless to say, I always have a few favourites at hand. L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Plumping Gloss is my newest must-have. The gloss plumps and shines. The colours are luscious. Plumped Red is one of the softest and most wearable reds I have seen — at any price!
This fall, red will be on the lips of all informed fashionistas. It looks hot now too! Plumped Pink and Mauve and are sex kitten incarnate and Plumped Plum is downright sultry! 

Blow them a kiss

Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump LipstickYour lips are always talking, even when you aren’t saying a word. So make sure they are sending the message you want. Depending on the colour and product you use, your lips can look bold and business-like, soft and innocent, or sensual and sexy. Avon has three new products for any look you want.
Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick has a core of super-hydrating and plumping ingredients. According to our designated tester it feels fabulous and smells terrific. She looked fabulous in the Starlet Red. FYI darlings, red lipstick is a must-have for all fashionistas this fall! Starlet Red is a rich, but soft red that will flatter many skin tones and is easy to wear.
 SpectraColor Lipstick Customized lip color in a click is what you get with the new SpectraColor Lipstick from Avon. According to Avon there are seven shades of lip color packed into one sleek, innovative package. It’s a great idea — many shades for the price or one and no lipstick clutter in your bag.
It’s created for the woman who loves to change her look. Make-up artist Jill Dempsey gives the following tip:
“To make lips appear fuller, apply a darker shade first then click to the lighter shade and dab the center of your lower lip for eye-catching shine,” explains Jillian.
I am experienced make-upon editor, but I found it hard to find seven different shades of lipstick in this product. I could manage a light shade, dark shade, and something in between. That alone would appeal to many women who like a streamlined approach to make-up. The formula is rich and light with Vitamins A,C, and E. In texture it is between a lipstick and gloss; just what you want for youthful look and an easy-to-apply product. 
3-in-1 wand has options galore!My own favourite was the Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand. I love the compact wand; it gives me a pencil, lipstick, and gloss all together. I regualrly use all three. I like the depth it gives my lips. That is what Avon resident celebrity make-up artist Jill Dempsey likes about it too. I find lip colour lasts for hours when I apply liner and lipstick under gloss. And I still have still get light, sexy look if I chose a beige-pink shade such as nude. Often, I just wear the liner and gloss for day or a quick swipe of lipstick – I love having all the options at hand – literally. This is worth waiting for, but you won’t have to wait long. It is out in July.
As always Avon products offer great value for money. Check out the site for deals and pricing!