Divorced, daring and dating

Crazy Aunt Purl’s: Home is Where the Wine Is by Linda Perry will have you in stitches, even if you don’t knit, and I don’t. It is yet another divorcée date’s book, but Perry is quirkier and funnier than most writers of this genre. She has an irreverent sense of humour, deftly capturing the anxiety of re-entering the dating pool. I particularly enjoyed her descriptions of trying new beauty products. Also fabulous are the knitting patterns she includes, particularly given the popularity of knitted and crocheted accessories this spring. 

This book isn’t for everyone; it reads a lot like a blog, which is not surprising as the author is the writer of a popular blog www.crazyauntpurl.com.  It is the tale of a woman recovering from heartbreak and finding a new life – a story that many women will relate to.