Keeping the sponge dry and tidy

lil-holstersClick top title and scroll to read  Recently I tried a sample of the mini Lil’ Holster. There are portable silicone holders for tools and accessories They cling to any smooth surface such as the side of your sink, stove, or tub.It sounds too simple to be interesting and if you are like me the last thing you want cluttering your life or counters is another organizer. But this “Lil’ Holster” actually stopped a constant argument in my home. My husband insists on having a sponge in the kitchen. I despise them and think of them as festering petri dishes of bacteria.  I am always microwaving and boiling it. I used to have disposable sponges but can’t find them here in Atlanta. The Lil’ Holster keeps the hated sponge off my sink and lets it dry out – when I am not disinfecting it.