Redness relief

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If the long holiday weekend has left your skin red, irritated, and abused from too much fun in the heat, sun, and wind don’t panic. While overexposure to the elements can accelerate the signs of aging and leave your skin red and sensitive LIFTLAB LIFT + FIX can help. This light serum helps to reduce redness and sensitivity, and it even helps skin heal. LIFTLAB LIFT + FIX also helps to shield skin against the environmental stress of smog and pollution. This is my own go-to remedy for red stressed-out skin. I like it because it works quickly to reduce redness from irritation.

According to the company, “Clinical trials show that CPP applied before sun exposure reduces redness and irritation caused by UV rays by 95% within 72 hours.”

Find the full line of LIFTLAB LIFT anti-aging skin care products at select Neiman Marcus stores and online.