Anti-aging nutrient formula

Wouldn’t it be nice to able to take an anti-aging pill every day? That’s the science behind Life Extension Calorie Restriction Mimetic Formula — a supplement based on anti-aging research that actually attempts to slow down the aging genes.

Many scientists have focused on finding out how calorie restriction can help to extend the human life spam. They have found that reduced calorie intake can activate beneficial “youth” genes; at the same time the “senescence” or aging genes are de-activated.
Similar results can be obtained from a select group of nutrients. The most promising are resveratrol, pterostilbene, quercetin, and grape seed polyphenols, along with black tea extract. These nutrients have been shown to generate many of the same effects in the body as caloric restriction, without significant dietary modification. They help mimic caloric restriction’s favorable impact on genes that influence the aging process.
Life Extension Calorie Restriction Mimetic Formula contains these high quality antioxidant that been recognized for their health and anti-aging benefits.
Will it work? Nothing will stop the clock – sigh! But, the research on restricted-calorie diets and aging is accepted by most experts. People who eat a low-calorie diet age slower and live longer.
The makers of the product recommended using it with a balanced diet and exercise program and checking with your doctor, if you are taking medication.