Fit for a princess

Now that ‘Waity Katie’ waits no longer for her prince, we will be kept informed of her preparations to be the latest royal bride, as she readies herself to marry William. We already know from the glossies that she has dieted her self stick-thin, in anticipation — or fear – of being constantly photographed. And you can bet she will perfect every aspect of her ‘look.’

If you would like to try a European regime but don’t have a million to splurge – Kate Middleton has her own fortune – here is a fabulous regime designed by Lierac Paris. They promise Kate’s “Royal Glow”. I tried their “royal glow regime,” and it really is impressive. It gives a lovely natural glow in record time. I really appreciate the way the peel and micro abrasion products are engineered to be effective, but not irritate my sensitive skin! I have had toss so many pricey peels that have left me red, irritated, and definitely not lovely and glowing. This works, but gently. Here is the regime and recommended products:
·        Use High Peel Concentrate to help gently peel away dead skin cells. The formula uses time-released Hydroxy-Acids that help to fight damage while leaving skin healthy, hydrated, and smooth.
·        Moisturize with Crème Mésolift Anti-Aging Radiance Cream. Rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B5, and B6, minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, and citrus AHAs, this product helps to boost the radiance of the complexion, energizing, smoothing, and toning the skin.
·        Exfoliate with Micro-Abrasion Exfoliating Smoothing Cream. Micro-Abrasion uses alumina crystals to exfoliate the skin deep-down, removing dead cell debris and aiding in cell turnover.
·        Treat your lips and the surrounding area with Cohérence Lèvres Age-Defense Lip Cream. This lip treatment is formulated with ASC III Collagen Accelerating Vectors that stimulate collagen production, filling in lines or wrinkles. This smells divine.
·        Eat, drink and be merry – but make sure to get enough sleep each night and stay hydrated throughout the day. At night, while we’re sleeping, our skin experiences the greatest degree of cell turnover, which helps to keep our complexions looking fresh. Make sure to listen when you’re told to get your "beauty sleep!" It is also important to drink lots of water throughout the day. When we drink water, we work to ward off any surface dehydration, which could leave the skin looking dull.

Your 30s and 40s

Darlings, now you need to get serious. I have combined these two age groups because depending on your life style and genetics, I have observed that skincare needs are much the same. Women with oily skin may find their skin does not change until they reach age 35 to 37. They can easily continue using the same regime they used in their20s. Sometimes in their 30s, most women start to notice the subtle signs of aging. This is the time to address them. Revaleskin with  coffeeberry

You can use a regime from one line or mix products from several lines. The key is consistency. Use an anti-oxidant product every day to combat environmental damage. You may want to luxe-up to something like Revaleskin. It’s laced with coffee berry extract which is a very potent anti-oxident. Another line that I really like is Environ from South Africa. Their Ionzyme range is blend of potent retinols, antioxidants, vitamins, botanicals, and light but rich moisturizers. This line is not inexpensive, but it is good value. It costs $300 for a three- to four-month supply. This line comes in graduated strengths and can be used by women age 30 and up.
Pro-X the new range by Olay can be an attractive option for affordable but effective anti-aging skin care. This new range of products is impressive and the result of serious research. The Olay scientists looked at how and why skin ages. They concluded that the key to good-looking skin is restoring the skin’s moisture barrier and increasing cell turnover. The Olay scientists discovered that when the outside surface of the skin or the stratum cornea is damaged the inside layers of cells are focused making repairs. This results in aged appearance, as the skin cells are distracted from making new fresh skin cells. When the skin is protected by the right ingredients the cells can function making new cells and restoring the skin. The Pro-X line has many products so you can design your own regime. Desing your own prefessional regime
The science and ingredients are impressive and similar to what you would get in more expensive products and some unique innovations: Niacinamide, N-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG), peptides, caffeine, and Hexamidine. A few of us tried these products. We all like them and find them an excellent option.
Lierac Parishas a great range of anti-aging products. They are gentle but effective and offer an elegant range of options for the woman who really wants to step up her regime. Biotherm makes a wonderful range of skin care: Rides Repair and Reminerale Repair are fabulous effective anti-aging lines. They are light in texture. They offer streamlined regimes perfect for a busy woman. Biotherm’s Multi-recharge is full of ginseng and like a vacation for tired skin.
 A gentle peel
L’Oreal Paris Revitalift addresses the early sings of aging too. If you are looking for a serious product to battle crow’s feet and other furrows try Advanced Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair SPF Day and Advanced Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair. The products combine luxurious hydration with Pro-Retinol, Pro-Lastyl to stimulate elastin, and Vitoptine an Indian herb that helps increase collagen. This is an effective product and perfect if you a developing fine lines. Be sure to use good sun protection.
Do not tan. Use a self tanner. If you already have sun damage see a dermatologist for a prescription for retina-A or maybe even photofacials to correct the damage. There are various options and not all are pricey. But the sooner you address the damage, the better your results will be.
Remember to use antioxidants in the daytime and maybe at night too, but to keep AHA’s and Salicylic for the night time. Serums are concentrated anti-aging ingredients often a combination of anti-oxidants, botanicals, vitamins, and minerals. They are always applied first to clean skin. I quite like serums; they make my skin feel wonderful. Estee Lauder’s Night Repair is excellent value. It is full of anti-oxidants. Lancôme has just introduced a new serum called Geneifique. It is the result of 10 years of research. It works to boost proteins found in younger skin. It’s all very scientific and expensive. We haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds interesting. The original Cellex-C has also proven to be an effective serum over years. It is pricey, but the results are consistent. Women with dry skin may prefer La Roche-Posey Active C line. It also has high potency vitamin, but delivered in a silky base and is a good value.