Age defying skin care from Miami

Lea BlackSudden Youth skin care is the creation of the dynamic star of the Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black. The stunning blond is also a beauty entrepreneur and philanthropist. Lea created Sudden Youth "to rejuvenate the skin and spirit from the inside out".
Sudden Youth is a full skin care line. It feels light and fresh. The non- surgical Sudden Youth facelift reminded me of a high-tech version of the old egg white facemasks we used to do in university. It felt great and my skin looked fabulous, smooth, and poreless.
No can describe Sudden Youth better than Lea. Here is what she had to say:
DD: What inspired you to create Sudden Youth?
LB: Recognizing there are ways to prolong the aging process that are easy, simple, affordable, safe, and can be done in the privacy of your home.
DD: What are the main active ingredients of the line?
LB: Aloe Vera gel and albumen (egg whites), which is what helps to tone and firm and lift the skin in the Sudden Youth facelift. I have put beneficial peptides, matrixyl, reg-uage and other ingredients in the eye treatment, serum and moisturizer, crushed pearl and glycolic aspects in the wash.
DD: How soon can the average woman expect to see results?
LB: The first treatment, which takes about a half hour
DD: Can you explain the science behind the non-surgical facelift?
LB: The chemists and clinical studies have tested, re tested and tried Sudden Youth on many skin types over many years and the results are visible and measureable.
DD: Would discuss your philosophy of inner and outer beauty?
LB: I believe your face is simply a reflection of what you think about and what you eat and drink. So everything starts with whom we are, what we think, and how we view ourselves and the world.
DD: You look fabulous, can please you share your fitness regime with
Dolce Dolce readers?
LB: I use the daily and weekly Sudden Youth Skincare regime. And I live by the 30 day cleanse philosophy that I wrote and share with customers and friends. I also love Pilates!
DD: Do any of your co-stars from the Real Housewives of Miami use Sudden Youth?
LB: Is there a show going on? Who knew?