How to flutter your lashes like a star

 Anne  Gravel -Lash QueenThis morning I saw network news report on lash extensions; it’s story we brought you over year ago. Check our archive if  they interest you. Editor Anne Gravel is our staff expert on the subject. Fang Wang of Toronto does the most fabulous job on them. There are now so many places to get them in New York and Los Angeles that you can and should price shop! Atlanta has many experts too.

There is no doubt lashes are hot! I have tried extensions and they look fabulous. But darlings, except for the most special occasions, I am a mascara girl. I have tried them all.  And mascara can be pricey. So what is a recessionista beauty to do? Fear not. Two of my all-time favourite mascaras at any price can be found at the drugstore.
For thick, flirty, sooty lashes Cover Girl Lash Blast is fabulous. The big over-sized brush and thick formula will give you lashes to rival any thing you can find at pricey department store stores. You may need to take care to avoid clumps, but you will have vavaoom lashes.
L’Oreal Paris New DoubleExtend
Finally! Affordable tube mascara for under $15! I like this mascara better than many of the pricier tube mascaras I have tired. The combination of a nourishing basecoat and the lengthening gel “tube” coat results in long, elegant, clump-free lashes. Using a new technology of gel polymers, this mascara makes lashes look up to 80 percent longer; I think they look amazing!
Both of these mascaras are long-wearing, smear-free and easy to remove. How flirty-fabulous is that?
West Coast Editor Alice Farnsworth likes a lighter look in her mascara. She swears by Maybelline New York Great Lash, as do many beauty editors. Contributor Svitlana Nalywako demands a natural look in all things; she likes Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash.

Be in the moment with hot new runway looks from Cover Girl

Darlings, I keep telling you it has never been easier or more economical to be beautiful and here is more proof.

I love my luxurious and pricey products. I can’t image life without my Chanel, Dior and Clarins essentials. I also adore my drugstore must-haves. Recently, I have been living in my CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara. Just two coats give me the thick, black lashes that are the focus of many runway looks this season. And it doesn’t flake. I find using the brush carefully prevents clumps. CoverGirl ExactLiner Liquid Liner Pen is the foolproof way to draw a retro line of serious black liner over your eye. Black 60s-style liner is not for everyone, but it was seen everywhere and is a sexy and fast update — if you can pull it off — especially for evening. This liner makes it a snap. The short tube prevents hand shaking and mistakes.
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers are a fun and economical way to follow the trends. Try Turquoise Tempest at night. For day, you may prefer an equally fashionable but more neural palette of Golden Sunrise and Brown Smolder. At the these recessionista friendly prices, you can afford to experiment. And CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain is unlike anything on the market; it stays on until you take it off. The colour is vivid with a matte finish, perfect if you like a natural looks with a bit of colour your lips. I wear it with a bit of pearl gloss over it.
Whatever trend you decide to pick up on this spring you can find all you need to get your look at a price that gives you license to experiment and be in the moment.