This fall it’s all about tights!

Marc Jacobs runway look is head to toe lace--try just adding the hose or a blouse for femme fatale appeal.This fall you can revive your wardrobe with new hosiery. Tights are back in a big way. Kate Middleton caused a stir by wearing sheer tights on her recent Canadian and U.S. tour. 

For years sheer hose have been banned by fashionistas as boring and bourgeois. I have always worn them in subzero weather. I think ultra-sheer nude hose worn with closed-toed pumps are more chic than goose bumps in sub-zero weather. For the young Duchess of Cambridge, her gossamer light hose lent her ensembles an air of formality for state occasions, and looked chic on her long fabulous legs. If you elect to wear sheer nude hose, match them exactly to your skin tone and never wear them with open shoes or in very hot weather.

This fall stock up on tights. Get a pair of sleek black tights with slight sheen for every day. They will make your legs look fabulous. You’ll also feel cozy when the mercury drops.
Heavy lacy tights can jazz up a plain black skirt and sweater, or a dull suit.
And don’t forget sheet lacy black tights to add a touch of the femme fatale to your favourite little black dress.

Catch a leggy trend

Dress up an old LBD with sexy lace tights --these are by GucciBored with all your clothes, but still pinched from holiday shopping? Update your wardrobe with a pair of sexy new tights. Or, pair old favourites with striking new hose for an instant update.

If you are petite, lengthen your legs by matching your stockings to your boots or shoes. For a slimming trendy look, match solid colour tights to your dress.
To dress up a simple black dress up for a date, try adding subtly-patterned lace hose. But do not go too big or wild, or it will detract from your legs. 
If your legs are less-than-perfect, invest in high-quality black tights such as Woolford or something similar with a slightly glossy finish and high Spandex count. They will make your legs look fabulous. They are a bit pricey, but if you wash them carefully, they will last a long time.