Trend alert: Boost your collagen naturally

taut1If you are up on the latest luxury beauty treatments, you already know that that some of the most innovative skin care, such as BB creams and Marine Collagen masks, have originated from Korean and Japanese beauty companies. When it comes to advanced and natural skin care, Korea and Japan are often ahead of the game.  So I was excited to try a sample of LAC Taut Gold Standard  Collagen Masks and LAC Taut Collagen Drink from Japan.  The drink and the mask are designed to “improves skin’s elasticity and strength reduce sagging as well as fine lines,” according to the company. 

The mask is a paper type that is popular in Asia and now being adopted here. The mask is impregnated with hydrolyzed marine collagen that has been broken down into tiny Nano-sized molecules so that they can be easily absorbed.  It also contains squalene and hyaluronic acid. Squalene is an excellent natural moisturizer that protects skin from damage. Hyaluronic acid attracts and seals moisture into the skin.  The mask also contains alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) in the form of citric acid.

I regularly use these types of paper masks from Korea and Japan. I really liked the  LAC Taut Gold Standard Collagen Infusion Mask. It left my face moist and refreshed. It is an effective pick-me-up before an evening out as after using it your face will look very smooth and poreless as well. It will also feel dewy and fresh. 

The masks come in a box of five for $50, which makes them $10 each. This is not very expensive for a marine collagen mask and much less than a facial. The effects are temporary but it is astonishing how these masks can make fine lines seem to disappear and how refreshed your skin will look after only 10 minutes. I always travel with collagen masks. They are my secret weapon.          

 According to the company, “LAC Taut Collagen Drink is a proprietary collagen formula that contains 13,000 mg dose of Rapid Delivery System Premium low molecular weight collagen derived from fish”. It also contains Shark Cartilage, DNA, Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, as well as Vitamins C & E.  According to my research there is some scientific basis behind the ingredients in the LAC Taut drink.  There are several new studies that show high concentrations of Collagen peptides such as in the taut formula can improve skin’s firmness, luminosity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The ingredients in LAC Taut Collagen drink have been shown to also make hair and nails stronger. 

The benefits of collagen supplements for facial firming are controversial, but support for supplements is growing with research. If you like a natural approach to anti-aging, this is a product you may want to try. 

In the meantime a healthy diet is the key to a good complexion. The foods to you need to eat daily to improve and support collagen is gelatin, soy, milk, cheese, beef and cabbage, peanuts, citrus, and red peppers. 

Also be sure to use sunblock daily. Excessive exposure to the sun destroys collagen and causes skin sagging. _taut 3.jpg

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