A Spa-licous brew

Kusmi Detox Tea is the perfect summer brew. It’s a light blend of antioxidant-rich Brazilian mate, Chinese green tea, and lemon grass. The delicious brew with will give a you a delightful perk without the harsh jitters of too much caffeine. Green  tea — with its delightful lemony scent — soothes and regenerates

Kusmi Prince Vladmir Tea --The canisters are so pretty

Kusmi Russian Blend teas for the holidays. But you may also want to treat yourself to some special tea this summer. Kusmi has a selection of elegant and eclectic teas. The 140-year-old company makes such classic favourites as Anastasia, a black Chinese tea scented with citrus and bergamot. There is also Prince Vladimir, a black Chinese tea, spiced in the Russian tradition. All of these teas served hot or cold are refreshing all summer long. I particularly enjoyed spiced tea iced . It is delightful alone or with sweets.