The low-down on the new e-readers

Deb Williams gets cosy with her Kindle --find out why!When cold weather hits there is nothing better than curling up with a good book or pile of magazines. Long flights and airport waits are more bearable if you can bury yourself in a good read. Now you don’t have to lug an armful of book or magazines around – you can get a sleek new e-reader. Our Deb Williams is in love with hers. She shares how she made her pick in her review of the new e-readers. Here’s Deb’s report:


The dawn of the e-readers has arrived. Many say it just isn’t the same, but I love it. Gone are the days of trying to fit my hard covers into a purse and trying to balance them precariously on treadmills. There are a few different options for e-readers. I’m here to help you pick your perfect new toy. My top three e-readers are the Amazon Kindle, Sony’s Touch Edition and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.
Barnes and Noble NookBarnes & Noble has released a compact, concise e-reader. It offers a colour screen option too. This makes reading newspapers and browsing cover art a little more captivating. The "Lend-Me" option allows you to send books to fellow "Nookers" for a brief preview. The bookmarking capability allows you to start where you left off. However, the Nook loses me with its touch screen. My life has enough touch-screen gadgetry in it already.  I can also do without finger smudges on my reading screen. It has also been my experience that touch-screens loose their sensitivity that could make maneuvering through the Nook cumbersome.
Sony E readerSony’s PRS 600 Reader Touch Edition is considered a major contender in the market. Unfortunately, after playing with it for 10 minutes, I did not buy it.  It’s another touch-screen and I think they are problematic. Also it needs to be plugged into your laptop to re-charge, so if you’re out having an espresso and your new toy runs out of juice, you’d better have your laptop handy for a re-charge. No thanks.
Amazon KindleAmazon’s Kindle is user-savvy and looks sexy! It has built-in wifi as well as an "aloud" option. It takes approximately 3 seconds for a book to be downloaded directly to your device after hitting the "Buy" button. Even without a backlight you can adjust your font size and the text flows quite smoothly. The two simple toggle buttons on either side of the Kindle allows you to flip between pages. You can also make notes as you read which will be saved in your database. I enjoy the plug-in charger which can be alternatively be charged via USB port as well.
The Kindle is my pick because of its easy of use and extra features. It has already taken reading to new levels of relaxation for me. 2010 and my Kindle has already made life so sweet for me.
In an age where vinyl gave way to MP3s and desktops have been replaced been replaced by mobiles, this was a change waiting to happen. Embrace it and be happy that once again technology has brought you a new beautiful toy, which more importantly can fit easily in your new LV tote. So from the classics to mystery and fantasy, no matter how many pages, your library now travels with you.