A new book about the Kennedys

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I have always been fascinated with Jackie Kennedy Onassis. I grew up in Boston – the home of the Kennedy clan – and even though I was very young when, her husband, President John F. Kennedy was killed, the impact of the Kennedy era was indelible.

Jackie’s personal style, from her handwritten thank you notes to her rigid personal discipline, has always been an inspiration to generations of American women. As a result, I have read a score of books about Jackie, Jack, and the Kennedy family. So when I received The Kennedy Wives: Triumph and Tragedy in America’s Most Public Family by Amber Hunt and David Batcher, I wondered if there really was anything more to know. And while the book does cover much that will be familiar it also manages to uncover new details about the mythic American family.

The book looks at the lives of all the Kennedy wives: Rose, Ethel, Jackie, Joan, and Vicky. It highlights the challenges these very different women faced in marrying men who were determined to lead America. It also tells the human story of five intelligent women who loved and married very rich, powerful, and flawed men.

The Kennedy Wives is as racy and exciting to read as Jackie Collin’s novel – maybe more so because it is fact and not fiction. This is a perfect gift for Jackie lovers!