Are you afraid to feel beautiful?

Too many women never enjoy their own beauty. They can’t see their good points, but instead laser-in on the negatives. They are convinced that beauty and glamour are for other women but not for them. Celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves thinks his industry is part of the problem. “Millions of women don’t always feel good about themselves due to the beauty industry’s narrow definition of how they should look,” he says.
This may seem strange coming from one of Hollywood’s hottest hair stylists, but Paves appreciates all types of beauty. In his book, You are Beautiful, he attempts to convince women to believe in their own beauty. He shows women how to make the most of their looks even if they don’t look like a model or Hollywood starlet.
The book is part memoir and part beauty manual. In it, Paves shares his personal journey from a working-class Detroit boy to a celebrity hair stylist. He recounts his early beginning as a poor, young assistant and how he made ends meet by cleaning the salon on weekends. It becomes clear that his close relationship with his family, and especially his mother, shaped how Paves relates to women. The book also includes anecdotes about working with stars, including Oprah, Victoria
Beckham, and Eva Longoria.
Most importantly, Paves is full of practical advice on how to make the most of your own looks. Using friends and family members as examples, he demonstrates makeup, clothing, and – of course – hair makeover tips for women of all ages, body types, and ethnicities. He even shows you how to cut your own bangs. You are Beautiful makes beauty accessible for the average woman.
If you have never felt beautiful but always longed to, or if you want to up your beauty game but don’t know how, this book may be the help you need.