Bring home a culinary memory

Beautiful MezzeWhen we travel, I love to explore the local cuisine. Having the chance to take an interesting cooking class with a talented chef is something I have always relished. It has started my lifelong exploration and love affair with different cuisines.

Turkish cuisine is known for its rich flavors and exotic spices — a perfect blend of East and West. Istanbul‘s Ç─▒rgan Palace Kempinski is known for amazing Ottoman cuisine, and now guests of the hotel can learn to make these dishes under the supervision of the Michelin Star Executive Chef, Olivier Chaleil and Tugra Restaurant’s awarded Turkish Chef Ugur Alparslan. These special cooking classes will teach guests a whole host of traditional Ottoman cuisine, including:
Pistachio "Piruhi" — pistachios cooked with onions and garlic — was often found on Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s dinner table and was the one of the leading dishes of Ottoman cuisine in the 15th century.

Su Börek, the favorite afternoon tea dish of the 19th-century’s OttomanPalace, is a steamed, thin pastry baked with spinach and served with a yoghurt-mint sauce.
Ottoman Pilaf was the only Ottoman dish that could be served on its own. Made with rice, currants, nuts, cumin, cinnamon, onions, dill, and mint, this dish is a feast of its own.
Turkish Salads: Cucumbers were a staple of Ottoman cuisine and are seen in almost every salad or mezze, especially in the summer.

In my experience, cooking classes offered at 5-star hotels are fabulous. I have enjoyed each one that I have taken. We have not yet visited Turkey, but hope to soon. All of our friends who have been have raved about the food.