Crazy for kefir

Darlings, unless your head is buried in the sand or plugged into your iPod, you must have heard that we all need to build our immune systems this winter to help fight off two nasty flu bugs. Along with plenty of fresh food and rest, probiotics-rich foods are a good idea too. They do not guarantee good health but they are a wholesome addition to stress-filled lives. 

Kefir is traditionally eaten by Middle-Eastern and Middle-European cultures. It was often served for breakfast in Russia when we lived there. My health-conscious Muscovite girlfriends adored it. It is made from fermented Kefir grains added to milk to produce a yogurt-like product. Does that sound delicious? If you like sharp-tasting Greek yogurt, it is not bad. But it’s not everyone’s taste.
Evolve is a line new of Kefir Smoothies. It tastes delicious plain or in blueberry, strawberry, pomegranate, or peach. There is no sharp taste and it is super-creamy, even though it is low-fat. Evolve is made with 11 hand-selected premium probiotics cultures. This is important, as all cultures are not equally effective at strengthening the immune system or aiding digestion. 1cup of Evolve has 120 calories, but it is also an excellent source of fiber, protein, and calcium. 
Studies have shown that the regular consumption of probiotics can help alleviate a variety of digestive issues. My own medical sources agree it is effective. Check with your doctor if you have serious digestive issues. 
The best thing about Evolve is the taste. Our DolceDolce testers agreed, it tastes fabulous. Remember it is not a beverage, but a food. Count your calories accordingly.