The ‘royal’ Dukan Diet

We brought you the skinny on the Dukan Diet months ago, when French nutritionist Dr. Pierre Dukan introduced his popular weight loss method to the UK. As it did in France, the book rushed to the top of the best-seller list. Now that it is known that the slim Middleton ladies — mother Carole, and possibly Kate and Pippa — are fans, the diet is even more popular.

Whether Kate’s slightly-slimmer figure was a result of pre-wedding jitters and her normally healthy lifestyle, or dieting, here is the 411 on the Dukan Diet:

The protein-rich regime reminds me of the Stillman Quick Weight Loss Diet, which my mother used in the late 1960s, and all the other high-protein diets that followed. I have used high-protein plans on and off over the years because they are the easiest and fastest ways for me to drop extra weight.
More than 1.5 million French women swear by Dr. Dukan’s diet, and celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen are reported to be fans. Besides the Stillman diet, it is also reminiscent of the Atkins and even the SouthBeach diets. Dr. Dukan differs by limiting fat intake. During the first phase of his four-phase plan, the dieter eats only lean protein. They can have a small serving of oat bran daily. Dieters are also told they must drink three liters of water a day.
A protein-only diet slacks hunger, restricts choices, and rids the body of excess water while keeping hair and skin healthy and glowing. The diet also mandates no exercise for the week of the diet.
In the second phase, low-carb vegetables are added, and gradually the dieter is eased back to normal eating — with the caveat that they must have one weekly protein-only day.
One of the doctor’s biggest fans is a French woman in Texas, whose own website states: “According to Dr. Dukan, most obese people are not obese by chance; there’s a psychological side that has to be considered and understood and which goes down to the profound explanation of eating habits and self-commitment.”
Losing weight and getting in shape, no matter your goals, is long and tedious. After all darlings, French women may get fat, but we know most of them won’t stay that way.
There is more to the diet, so it’s a good idea to check out the book, now available in English from, which  can be accessed from both countries. There are several websites that can get you started, as well as an official Dukan website in the UK that will help you calculate a personal diet plan. I really enjoyed it.

Bad girls!

Do you think that only women fall for the bad apple? Think again. Renowned love expert and psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman, knows better.  

Her book Bad Girls includes more than 100 shocking and intimate interviews with men who were hooked on bad girls and how it ruined their lives. Dr. Carole shares how Kate Middleton may have used a few "bad-girl" tricks to catch her prince — and how you can, too!
Three-time Emmy award-winner and author of the bestselling book Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them, Dr. Carole can be heard live every Tuesday as the host of the popular talk show Dr. Carole’s Couch on VoiceAmerica. She also maintains a star-studded private practice in Beverly Hills, and works as a psychiatric expert witness, testifying in high-profile trials.
If you have ever lost a man to a bad girl, need to learn to fight like a bad girl, or a just want to read a fascinating interview about modern love, do not miss a word of our interview with Dr. Carole about Bad Girls!
D: Why did you write Bad Girls?
Dr. C:   I wrote Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets because the love jungle has become wilder and more dangerous than ever, and I wanted to help men and women find the love they deserve. Men need to be warned about the ‘Dozen Dangerous Damsels’, the 12 types of bad girls. And good girls need to learn bad girl secrets in order to attract a man and keep him away from the bad girls who try to steal him. 
DD: What is a “Bad Girl”?
 Dr.C:   By ‘bad girl’, I don’t mean a trashy girl or an evil girl. A ‘bad girl’ is a woman who has had her heart broken too many times, beginning when she was little and had a father who made her feel unlovable. When she grew up, she began dating guys who treated her badly and rejected her, so that she became more convinced that she was not lovable. 
At some point, she takes her heart off her sleeve and hardens it, deciding to pursue guys for other things she can get from them, as a substitute for love. For example, a Gold-Digger goes after a man who will pamper her and give her material things. A Married Woman on the Prowl goes after a man who is willing to have a relationship with her, even though he knows she’s married. A Cougar goes after a younger man who will prove to the world that she is still very desirable. 
DD: Can a good girl ever beat a bad girl when it comes to getting a man?
Dr. C:  Good girls have been fed lies about what it takes to get and keep a man. They want to believe that being ‘good’ is enough, and that it’s what’s inside that counts. Unfortunately, it takes more effort than this. It takes what I call the "Six Secret Spells of Seduction." These have been culled from my interviews of over 100 guys who have suffered through  bad girl experiences, and who shared what these women did to keep them hooked. 
DD: Do bad girls ever change and make good wives?
Dr. C: Bad girls can change. In my book, I explain what makes each of the “Dozen Damsels” tick, particularly what happened in their childhoods to make them turn out that way. 
These insights may be enough for some bad girls to change. Others can use this as a starting point, a gentle push to get them into psychotherapy and know what to 
begin talking about. 
DD: Can you think of a few well-known good girls who used “Bad Girls” tactics to win their men?
Dr. C:  Kate Middleton is the best current example of a good girl who used bad girl secrets to hook her prince. Some bad girls whom you may not have realized were ‘bad’ are:  Carrie Bradshaw who is a Commitment-Phobe, Charlotte York who is a Husband Hunter and Trapper, Samantha Jones who is a Sex Siren, and Miranda Hobbs who is a Ball-Buster. 
DD: One of the most famous and interesting Good Girl-Bad Girl battles was between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, when Brad Pitt left Jennifer for Angelina. Jennifer fans consider Angelina a “bad girl,” yet others consider her a “Madonna,” with all of her children and humanitarian activism. Is she a “Bad Girl” or a “Good Girl”?
Dr. C:  When it comes to men, Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly a bad girl – the Husband Stealer type. She set her trap to hook Brad Pitt before they even got on the movie set. When the director called, "Action!" Angelina put her spell into action and Brad was a sitting duck. This proves that even the ‘sexiest man alive’ can be ensnared by a bad girl, and that even a really cool good girl, like Jennifer Aniston, can have her man snatched away by a bad girl. 
DD: Kate Middleton seems to be a “Good Girl”, but the royals definitely have a frisky side to them, how do you think she got her man?
Dr C: Kate Middleton is the quintessential good girl who used bad girl secrets to literally catch her prince. First, in high school, when the boys rated her a 2 out of 10, she didn’t give up on herself, but took it as a wakeup call. That summer, she took an honest look at herself and realized that it would take more than natural sweet looks to get a guy’s attention. She lost some weight, got into make-up, and dressed more stylishly in hopes that the guys would rank her higher. 
Then, in college, she took the bold step of wearing a see-through outfit (that was supposed to be a skirt with something underneath it) as a dress. She essentially walked the runway of the fashion show wearing her black underwear. Prince William is said to have remarked, "she’s hot!" And Kate went from sweet platonic friend to love interest in a heartbeat.  
After they had been dating awhile, the prince wanted to sow his wild oats. A good girl would have pouted and nagged, but Kate let him go. She went out on the town and partied, as well. When William saw that she wasn’t just sulking at home, he suddenly realized he could lose her and he came running back like a puppy dog. 
I recently went to London to bid on Kate’s famous dress. I lost out to a higher bidder. However, I did manage to scoop up four lingerie pieces of the Duchess of Windsor, the quintessential bad girl who seduced her man into giving up a kingdom! 

Wear a hat like Kate

Kate Middleton in a face flattering beretNow that the young and fashionable royal fiancée, Kate Middleton, is in the spotlight, you can bet that hats will be hotter than ever. Hats are a fun way to add drama and flair to your look. But there are some simple rules to keep in mind.

Never buy a tight hat. It will not only give you hat hair, but you are sure to get a headache.
Small hats that are attached by combs or a headband are called “fascinators”.
They are trendy now and easy to wear.
Hats may be worn indoors by women, but not by men.
If you have a long face, do not buy a hat with too high a crown.
If you are petite, do not wear a very big hat as it will overwhelm you.
Never wear a hat with evening clothes; it looks tacky.
Hats can be practical as well as pretty. Look for crushable berets and sunhats that you can collect. Eric Javits and Tilley make some great ones that can actually pack.


Kate Middleton and Prince William: marriage is not obsolete for  themTwo in five Americans surveyed, or 39 percent, say that marriage is becoming obsolete, according to the latest poll by Time/PEW. In 1978, only 28 percent felt this way. I really wasn’t surprised; so many things I adore and value are going the way of the Dodo. But to call marriage obsolete seems so bleak, especially to someone who has so enjoyed it.  

But it is hard to ignore the numbers. Various experts have opinions as to why attitudes are shifting.  According to Statistics Canada, the trend is much the same for Canadians, with the percentage of married couples declining, and common law unions and single families on the rise.
 Actually, divorces rates have fallen for those with a higher education and income. In the same PEW poll, only one in four Americans say they don’t want to get married. Experts point out that marriages have the best chance of succeeding when couples have a stable source of income and similar goals. Women no longer need to get married to have children or to support themselves. The stigma of single parenthood no longer exists, and many women earn as much or more as their partners — or potential partners.
So is marriage becoming obsolete?
I don’t think so. It may not be for everyone, but it still has its fans. When I interviewed Dr. Memhet Oz recently, I asked him what advice he would give his three daughters. He talked about marriage. He said people wait too long to marry these days. “… I think getting married at an early age is a very wise thing to do. It gives you a lifelong partner, before you started getting jaded and change your mind, and start feeling the pressure of getting married and start to think that you’re going to marry the perfect person if you just wait long enough. And then you feel the time pressure because you never found that person. Just recognize that there is no perfect person for you. You’re going to find someone that you have an emotional and physical connection to, that you love. But for good or for bad, they’re not the perfect person for you. You’re going to make them the perfect person for you either by changing yourself or changing them and it’s that coming together that makes marriage a remarkable event …”
I agree. I have been married since I was 23. These days that makes me a child bride, but I had graduated from university, lived another country, and been to Europe. I knew my husband for five years before we married. We waited until I finished school and we certainly knew each other. And it has been an adventure. I think Dr. Oz was right when he talked about having a life partner. At its best, that is what I think a good marriage is about.
Bill and Hillary --through thick and thin --a power coupleSome of my very smart women friends are not married. They have their reasons –and they are good ones. These days more often than not, it may women who shy away from marriage. There are now quite a few successful women in the public eye have chosen not to marry –thus far. Oprah and Condoleezza Rice come to mind.
Yet powerful, brainy women, such as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are both very married.
The stunning solo actMost of my married friends — with or without children — have very close relationships with their husbands. For all of us, marriage is very much about a partnership and having “someone to be in it with, through thick and thin.” We have all laughed at jokes about husbands who don’t talk to their wives. Our husbands are always talking to us and we are always talking to them.
I have a friend who married later in life. She is a lovely woman of independent means. She didn’t need to marry, but she has told me several times how much she enjoys her marriage. She loves her husband, and she also she enjoys having a partner for all of life’s exotic and mundane adventures. She relishes marriage – but she doesn’t need it.
In many ways marriage is the adventure. It is not for the fainthearted. If you can’t fight or handle conflict, don’t get married. The best advice I ever got from one of my dearest friends and mentors when I got married was to learn how to fight. I would add that it is also important to learn when to fight, and when to let things go. My friend had a long and wonderful marriage until her husband died. I learned a lot just watching them in action. I have passed that same wisdom along to several younger friends who are newly-married or on the verge.
Another friend of mine has been married for 60 years. She and her husband are fabulous together. They have been everywhere and tell the best stories. But the magic is that she still thinks he is brilliant and laughs at his jokes. He still adores her.
Another of my friends met her husband in university. “We finished growing up together,” she says. They are definitely life partners.
And let’s not forget the romance. It may change over the years, but there is always romance in a good marriage. Recently one of my long-married friends shared that her husband of many years thanked her for being a beautiful woman. That is romantic after all those years together.
Darlings, marriage certainly isn’t for everyone. That’s obvious. But it can be a grand adventure, and it is far from obsolete. Many of our best and brightest still do it or hope to. Sixty-four percent of all college-educated Americans are married, and of those living together, 64 percent consider it a step towards marriage.