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On Folly Beach by Karen White is a story of love and loss that moves between two wars. This delicious summer read tells the tale of several women and their wartime loves on FollyBeach, a magical island off the coast of South Carolina

Janie, a young war widow and librarian, arrives in FollyIsland and buys the local book store. She’s hoping to forget the pain of her recent loss. As she moves into her new home and store, she discovers the mystery behind the tangled loves and losses of the two cousins who lived and worked there during the World War Two.

The intriguing tale is filled with romance, passion, envy, and intrigue. Karen White deftly entwines the two periods as she tells love stories of three flawed, but human women.  
On FollyBeach was meant for lazy summer days. We loved Karen White’s The House on Tradd Street. Her latest book did not disappoint.

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The Sand Daughter by Sarah BryantThe Sand Daughter

by Sarah Bryant is too big and rich to be called a historical romance. Set in the Middle East during the Crusades, it tells the story of woman torn by passion and ruled by destiny. Khalidah, the young daughter of a powerful Bedouin chief, is caught up in political intrigue as Saladin fights against the Knights Templar. Khalidah is also related to the Jinn, a mysterious and gifted Afghan tribe. She knows nothing of her relationship to them until a mysterious and attractive stranger appears. 


If you loved The Red Tent by Anita Diamant you will delight in The Sand Daughter. It is a sweeping tale of a strong and intelligent woman caught up in world-shaping events and passions.
The  Girl on Legare Street by Karen WhiteThe Girl on Legare Street is the second book in a series by Karen White. The first was The House on Trad Street. Set in historical Charleston, South Carolina her new book tells the tale of an estranged mother and daughter at odds with each other. Melanie Middleton is a beautiful single successful realtor. She is almost forty and has no plans for marriage or a family. He mother is a famous opera diva who has retired. She has retuned to Charleston, and her daughter’s life, to purchase her family’s ancestral home which she had sold in the past. She also comes home to protect Melanie from threatening psychic forces. Both mother and daughter are prey to unseen forces that have been recently disturbed. The story is full of romantic conflict, intrigue, mother-daughter friction, as well as a good dose of psychic mystery too. A fabulous historic backdrop and quirky characters make this one of the best romantic mysteries I have read. It’s a page turner.