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I am no great fan of the Kardashian clan and their so-called “oeuvre”. I don’t understand their appeal and I think they set a dangerous example. But I am equally confused at the media outrage over a picture Kim tweeted from her latest photo shoot for Paper magazine.  In the shot, Kim has her famous butt exposed.


As nudity goes it is tame.  The magazine had photographer Jean-Paul Goude recreate his famous photograph “champagne incident” a photo of  a model balancing a champagne glass on her butt. The original photo is a nude. For the cover Kardashian is dressed in skin tight retro gown. The semi-nude she posted is from the same shoot.  It is a striking photograph but it is nowhere as striking as the original “champagne incident” that featured a lithe, black model balancing the champagne glass nude against a vivid blue background. It seems too contrived – not unlike Kardashian and the so-called controversy.  Some media-types feel that “as a mother” Kim K shouldn’t have done the photo. The complaint is disingenuous and downright ignorant.  Kim Kardashian’s career 123kIMK.jpgwas launched by a sex tape. She posed for nude for Playboy Magazine. She has made a fortune with her family documenting her entire life on television. And all of this is captured on the Internet forever, and anyone who works in the media knows it.  The idea that an elegantly posed nude will somehow traumatize her daughter, or that being a mother somehow makes a very tame nude scandalous, is absurd. This is the type of ridiculous conversation that hurts all women. It is related to “slut-shamming”. Worse it is trivializes more serious issues such as a woman’s right to her own identity as mother.  I don’t admire the Kardashians or their behaviour. But no one, especially other women, can afford to speculate about a woman’s right to her own identity just because she is a mother.  Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies.  DolceDolce is free. Please forward us to all your friends. And please follow us on Facebook at . We post new items and tips weekly, except during our posted hiatuses several times a year. Please send us your comments by emailing us at the same address, or sharing in Facebook. We will respond! We want to know what you think. Let’s start the conversation!   Until next time, have a sweet week and please follow us on Facebook     We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you think.   Gracey Hitchcock Editor, DolceDolce Follow me @graceysays All contents copyright © 2014