The original

Mary Ann Esposito is an original. Her show Ciao Italia has been on PBS for more than 20 years. Mary Ann was teaching home cooks how to make tasty authentic Italian dishes long before The Food Network was even a thought in some programmer’s head.

Mary Ann’s credentials are impeccable. She worked beside Julia Child, Sara Moulton, and Jacques Pepin – just to name a few of her fellow PBS super-star chefs.
In Ciao Italia Family Classics, Mary Ann shares 200 of her favourite time-tested recipes, as well as personal stories and cooking tips.
This beautifully-illustrated book will make any Italian food-lover’s mouth water. She includes classics and crowd pleasers, such as Sicilian Rice Balls, Spaghetti with Tuna, Capers and Lemon, Lasagne Verdi all Bolognese, Roasted Sea Bass with Fennel, Oranges, and Olives and Almond Cheesecake.
Ciao Italia Family Classics is full of the down-to-earth charm and sensible advice that has made Mary Ann a hit. It would make a wonderful gift for any cook who wants to cook Italian authentically, and is sure to be become a well-worn favourite in any hungry household.

Julia was told she couldn’t cook

Darlings, I don’t know if it is the tight economy or the uncivil times we live in, but there seems to be no shortage of those who denigrate the efforts and talents of others. I hear it all too often these days.  Don’t let them do it to you. Always remember this: Julia Child was told she had no talent for cooking. William Faulkner and Sylvia Plath were both rejected cruelly. It is laughable now, but it was painful for those talented artists then. The list of illustrious artists, inventors, and even business agents who were ridiculed before they were successful is long. Darlings, find your helpers, teachers, and fans, keep them near – and then just go! 

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