Making “art”

John JansheskiShows such as Bravo’s popular Work of Art: The Next Great Artist are windows onto the creative process. They are also fascinating new and accessible ways to look at art and artists.  

Photographer John Jansheski is known for successfully blending fashion, music, conventional art and photography. He has collaborated with Romero Britto, Zilando Freitas, Coldplay, and Cintia Dicker, among others. We thought it would be interesting to hear about the intricacies of “making art” from this very unique photographic artist.
DD: This December (2011) you will have a showcase at Art Basel Miami Beach. Can you tell us a little about the work you will have on display?
JJ: We have created what we feel is a unique fusion of art, fashion and photography for many of the pieces in our exhibit. Some are pure fashion shots and demonstrate simple beauty with minimal paint or color influence. Other pieces have captured moments during shoots of musical artists as they produce their music videos. As we feel the arts of paint, photography, or fashion are all equally alluring in their essence and presence, we are pleased to display our interpretation of how these arts intersect.
DD: How do you describe your style?
JJ: I have been told by many that my work has a unique style. You can say that it’s something unique in terms of blending the elements of fashion, art and photography into one piece of art that people haven’t seen before. People have seen painted models and painted art, but not typically do famous artists actually display their work AND paint the models with the same energy and colors, and then seamlessly fuse this all together in one piece. 
DD: You have done collaborated with artists from fashion, music, and fine art. If you could work with anyone, past or present, who would be at the top of your list?
DD: I would like to shoot Rihanna, as I feel that she is a musical genius and her energy is amazing. Marlene Coates is one of the top-selling glass sculpture artists, and I’m looking forward to working with her on a project. David Copperfield would be cool, as his magic would really create a valid liberation for our creative license on a given sequence of shots. If Albert Einstein were alive, I could say the same. Maybe we’ll do some work with dead artists and capture their essence by bringing back their genius to today’s influence? I don’t know, just snowballing ideas here, LOL. Naomi Campbell is amazing too and is on my “MUST shoot” list. Her boyfriend actually lives next door to me, so maybe that’ll happen sooner than later! Haha!