Fit to love

JJ Flizanes, a top fitness trainer, explains the spiritual and mental dimensions of fitness. She shares why feelings of unworthiness may be stopping you from getting into shape. In her new book, Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life, she tells readers they can attract love by creating a healthier relationship with their bodies. The book contains her four-week workout plan.

If you have had trouble reaching your fitness goals, don’t miss our interview with JJ to hear more about her unique Fit 2 Love approach.
DD: Why did you write this book? 
JJ: As a fitness professional, I have always dug a little deeper into the mental/emotional component as much or more than the physical. Why you do something is important to tap into if you want to change your body. Over the years, I noticed a disconnect between single women looking for love and their own self love.  I see people all the time do the right things, with going to the gym or eating a healthy diet. But sometimes it comes from a place of fear, not love or respect for themselves.  There are plenty of skinny, fit, and pretty single women who are miserable and can’t seem to keep a relationship.  Skinny doesn’t mean happy.  I thought it was time to outline the ‘why’ when it comes to self care. I do not believe in supporting someone to only look better, but feel and be better all around.  I was also tired of the fitness industry’s obsession with a perfect body.  Having a “perfect body” doesn’t make you happy or even healthy, for that matter. 
DD:  Can feeling unworthy prevent people from losing weight and get healthy?
JJ: Absolutely!  I think it puts up a mental road-block.  But if someone wants to get healthy and lose weight, eventually they will have to face themselves and deal with the issues, if they want to stay fit and healthy. I recommend that people get support with making some of these changes if they try themselves and lack the tools they need for success. I have several tools that can help anyone break these patterns. I also want to mention that the relationship with yourself is a process — just like with another person. Your opinions and feelings can change.
DD: How does being fit help you find love?
JJ: The practice of health and fitness from a place of self respect sends out a vibration to all around you of self love and honor. This even makes you more interesting to other people.  It helps you become authentic, and most people would rather spend time with someone who is authentic and real instead of constantly adjusting to gain approval from others.
DD: How is fitness also spiritual?
JJ: From my point of view, your life is a gift, regardless of what you have gone through. You would not have been created if there was not a reason.  Your body is the house for your soul as well as its expression. When all of these elements are aligned — body, mind, soul — a connection to yourself and everything around you becomes amplified. For some, they transcend their bodies and connect to the energy around them.  Some say it creates stillness unlike any other they have experienced before.  I experience this when I am dancing. The world around me melts away and my whole body and spirit are connected.  I can often experience this on a great hike in one of my favorite places.  Each person will find it in a different form of exercise, and you will know it when you do. It has often been referred to as “the zone” as well.