Bra “jeweled” straps

Dilemma! Bra straps are tacky, and strapless bras can slip and slide, never giving the support and shape of a regular bra. Margarita Couture has the answer – jeweled bra straps. This Florida-based company makes a variety of “jeweled” straps which will work with any detachable-strapped bra. Regular coloured straps, “jeweled”, retail for about $15.99 (US). There is also a line of stunning crystal Swarovski straps called Elite by Margarita that are available in single- and multi-strand styles starting at $35 for a single strand. I have worn these with bras I own and bras sold by Margarita Couture.

DolceDolce Tip
The Swarovski straps can also be added to strapless cocktail dresses or evening dresses if you need more support. Take the dress to your tailor or cleaner and have loops for the straps added to the inside of your dress.