A hot romance for cold nights

Jennifer Barnard’s Hot for Firemen is a sizzling romance. When sexy, temporarily suspended fireman Ryan meets Katie Dane, sparks fly. Katie, a feisty French literature grad student, is stuck running her father’s rundown bar. Her father has had a heart attack. Katie, the loyal youngest is stuck trying to keep the failing bar running and fending of her loser ex-boyfriend.
Overwhelmed by mounting debt and other problems, Katie decided to burn down the bar for the insurance. At the same time, Ryan decides to help Katie save the bar.
Temperatures rise as sexual chemistry heats up between Ryan and Katie. Things get even hotter when Ryan helps Katie raise money for the bar with a big bachelorette party complete with firemen bartenders who do a strip-tease on the bar.
Things threaten to combust when Ryan is trapped in the burning bar.
Fans of chase-me-until-you-catch-me romances will love this one.
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