Not lost in translation,Masumi the japanese pop sensation

MasumiJapan has some wildly popular music stars that have also become famous overseas. They set styles and influence pop culture. Masumi hopes to be one of them.

Born to a well-know drummer in Niigata, Japan, Masumi has been making music since she was a toddler. She started playing piano at age four, and was giving concerts within two year. By the time she was a teenager, she had learned percussion and cello, and developed perfect pitch.
Masumi now lives in the U.S. She wants to become the first big Japanese cross-over pop star. The 25-year-old sings half in English and half in Japanese, and her work is reminiscent of Brittany Spear’s dance hits. Masumi shared her musical and style inspirations with DolceDolce. Enjoy this on window on Japanese pop culture and the next big hit trend.
DD: What inspires you when you perform?
M: The audience. When I’m walking to the stage, I focus on giving them all I can and getting back their energy.
DD: How did you develop your sense of style?
M: I tried many different styles. I just tried to find the style that fits on me. I was on a "fashion adventure" for a couple years. Then I found my own style and balance.   
DD: Who are your fashion and musical inspirations?
M: Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, and Double are my favorites. They are so cool and sexy and stylish. Their music and fashion statements are very hot. They are perfect for me.
DD: What are your favourite high-low brands/designers?
M: I like Emporio Armani, Guess, H&M and Aldo
DD: Why is style important?
M: Because it can show a person’s personality.
DD: How would you describe your own style?
M: I would describe my own style as simple, but glamorous. I like to wear the colors black, gray and purple. But I’m always wearing shiny accessories.
DD: What are your three fashion must-haves?
M: High-heels, gold accessories, something black. 
DD: What is the secret to your fitness routine?
M: I have no secret. I just do at least 30 squats each day. I try to walk 10 miles each week. I exercise with dumbbells everyday.     
DD: What are your favourite beauty must-haves?
M: Japanese face lotion and Camellia oil, because my skin is sensitive and dry. They work really well for me!!
DD: What is always in your hand-bag?
M: Honey lemon candy.
DD: What are three of your best fashion or beauty tips?
M: I try to sleep well — at least for eight hours a day — to enjoy my life, and to love myself. Those are my beauty tips.
DD: Where would you like to be in five years?
M: I would like to collaborate with musicians who I respect a lot, and write great songs with them.