Get Nicole’s super sexy SAG look

At the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Nicole Kidman looked sexy and sophisticated in a solid bob haircut. c
Here is how to get the look.  Do it exactly the way celebrity stylist David Babaii did:
David began by warming a small amount of IT&LY's Pure Water Drops in the palms of his hands before applying it through the hair. Next, he dried her hair with a nozzle attachment and a large round brush to smooth hair completely straight. In order to achieve flawless straight hair, control is a must.
David sectioned her hair first: top, sides, and back. To begin, he started by drying the nape area first and then proceeded until her entire head was dry. After creating a center part and to ensure sleek perfection, he finished the hair with IT&LY's Racing Red Professional 1" Digital Iron.
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