Fast Beauty Fixes

Lovely Elizabeth Olsen at Sundance. Her look by Joshua-Myles Ristaino, He used some of our favourite René Furterer and Avène products. Photo Courtesy of Getty Images.  Elizabeth Olsen ar Sundance. H er look is by Joshua-Myles Ristaino. He used some of our favourites to create her look Avène Eluage Eye Contour Care, René Furterer Glossing Spray, and Avène Thermal Spring Water Dry winter air, hectic schedules, and the occasional cold or flu can leave anyone looking less than their best. Here are a few fast beauty fixes, as well as some of our favourite products to help you glow all winter long.

 Glossy locks in an instant: Dry winter air can leave even healthy hair dull-looking. A spritz of one of the new glossing sprays won’t weigh hair down, but will give it a mirror-like finish. Our favourite, Rene Furterer Glossing Spray.
Tame static in hair or clothes with a quick swipe of a dryer sheet. Keep a spare dryer sheet in your bag or desk for “static” emergencies.
Tame fly-away hair or split ends: Make split ends and other hair damage disappear with White Sand’s Porosity the Fix. This weightless spray makes hair look smooth and flawless. If your hair is dry and dull-looking try a few drops of IT&LY Pure Water Drops. These little drops are a runway secret for making hair shine.  
Dark circles and puffy under eyes: If you look like a raccoon, make sure you are getting enough sleep and stay hydrated. Also try Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Cream. It has caffeine and other great ingredients to make your eyes look fabulous.   Olay Anti-Aging Regenerist Eye Roller’s little metal balls work like magic to smooth way puffiness. For effective anti-aging protection and a flawless look we also like Glytone Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream with Caffeine and Red Tea and Avène Eluage Eye Contour Care.  
Get a glow on: Keep a pretty blush on your checks all year long. If your skin is dry, switch to a cream blush. No matter what your age try CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush. It will give you a warm glow and is full of skin-nourishing antioxidants.  A pretty golden bronze on your cheek bones will light up your face too. One of the prettiest we have found is a warm golden rose by Chanel in Orchid Rose.  
Keep skin soft:  Daily gently exfoliation will keep skin soft and help products penetrate. Use a clean wash cloth to remove cleanser and exfoliate dead skin cells daily.
Spa at home: Don’t wait for a trip to the spa to pamper yourself. Make time to do it weekly. Treat your face to a rich moisture mask. We enjoy Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturizing Mask and Elizabeth Grant’s Cucumber Gel Mask. You can also try a mask of just plain honey. Honey is full of vitamins and is very moisturizing. Use this time to put a thick conditioner on your hair. Lie back and relax.
Moisturize your face or body with pure olive oil straight from the kitchen. Plain yogurt or leftover oatmeal make a great face mask. Deep condition dry hair with warm olive oil for 10 minutes.
Baby feet: Keep feet soft and smooth all winter long by using a Ped Egg or similar “cheese grater” type of device to smooth calluses. Use it before you soak your feet, and then apply a rich moisturizing cream or lotion such as Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Lotion. To keep feet super-soft, treat them to a scrub such as Kiss My Face Peppermint Foot Scrub. Consider using a using lotion with alpha hydroxy acid such as AmLactin to exfoliate and moisturize.
A bit of bronze:  From an all-over tan to a light golden glow there is nothing like a bit of bronze to beat the winter blahs.
Gradual self-tanners deposit a little colour daily and are less likely to streak and show mistakes. Olay Radiance Reviver for Normal Skin has no nasty tanner scent and keeps skin soft. Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion has a lovely honeysuckle scent and skin conditioners. Both build up a soft glow without streaking.
No time to shampoo: Maybe your hair has flopped after a workout or a long sweaty day, and you have no time to shampoo. Fluff it up with a quick instant shampoo; they absorb oil, leave hair smelling fresh, and bolster volume. We adore Rene Furterer Naturia with clay, rice, silica, and essential oils. It’s the model’s favourite and ours too. We also like Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo, for under $10.
Instant glamour: Red lipstick, a sexy eye liner, and animal prints may be clichéd, but they also spell glamour. Do not wear all three of these at once, but if you are feeling and looking blah just one will make you look glam in less than a minute. We like Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner because it easy to apply and it stays put all day. CoverGirl Lip Perfection in "Hot” is to-die-for sexy – even the packaging is sleek! Or, if you just don’t like red, try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Champagne on Ice.
Wear red lipstick without smearing: Line your lips with a flesh-toned pencil to lipstick from smearing. You can use a red pencil in for evening if you prefer, but most experts use nude. Follow your natural lip line. There is no need to splurge on a pricey pencil, makeup artists swear by wet n wild in brandywine or MAC in Spice.
Remove a sudden wine or tea stain by rubbing your teeth with a lemon slice.
This tip from Anne Gravel.
Sudden break-outs:  The best thing for a deep flat cystic pimple is to find a dermatologist and get a cortisone injection – ASAP! Failing that, apply a small amount of cortisone cream or Visine to help calm the inflammation. Any other treatment, except an injection from a doctor, will make the pimple worse before it gets better. If the pimple is ready to break, use a warm wash cloth and let it. Do not squeeze. Apply antibiotic ointment. Severe acne should be treated by a doctor.
The best concealer for break-outs is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. Its different shades cover almost anything completely and stays in place for hours.
Keep lips soft and moist all winter long: Be sure to exfoliate your lips daily. Use a clean wash cloth to gently rub your lips. It will remove dead skin cells and let the balm penetrate.
Unless you think you have an infection, avoid medicated balms especially those with antibiotics. You do not want to apply antibiotics to you lips for no reason.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Swivel Stick is perfect to soothe dry lips. It’s also great for any other parched spots including elbows or under-eyes. Use it right over make-up; it is a fabulous, inexpensive beauty helper.
Keep  Avene Thermal Sprung Water  handy to mist away dryness. 
Image of Elizabeth Olsen  courtesy of Getty Images.